Germany: Peaceful Appeal Activities in Munich

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Germany: Peaceful Appeal Activities in Munich

To let more people know Falun Dafa and understand the truth of the persecution of Jiang Zemin' regime against Dafa practitioners, on November 10 practitioners from Munich gathered at the center of the city to hold activities that clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. The activities had been arranged several weeks earlier. Just days before November 10, practitioners learned that Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao would visit Munich. Upon hearing the news, practitioners decided to take the opportunity to hold a peaceful appeal to the Chinese leader to voice the aspirations of overseas practitioners: stop persecuting Falun Gong, return Falun Gong' reputation.

Practitioners from Regensburg, Heidelberg and Wuerzburg also participated in the appeal. Some of them had just returned from peaceful appeal activities in Berlin. Munich practitioners prepared an exhibition board with information about practitioners who had died in the persecution.

Maria Square is located at the center of the city, and our demonstration there attracted many visitors. Practitioners explained to them the beauty of Dafa. Practitioners' benevolence and the bloody persecution formed a strong contrast.

A lady from China stopped by the exhibition board and read the information carefully. She said she knew some practitioners in her company. Even though she did not agree with the persecution, she had no idea how cruel the persecution was until she saw the exhibition board; then she knew the truth. A practitioner told her how good Dafa is from his own experiences. She listened attentively. In the end, she said, "Now I know. Thank you. There are many people who need to know the truth. I do not want to take more of your time; you should tell more people."

A tourist from China was shocked upon seeing our exhibition. He videotaped everything and would take the tape back to China to let more people know the truth.

Another Chinese person stood in front of the exhibition board for a long time viewing truth materials and photos. He said, "The information in the brochure is all true. I am a lawyer. Some practitioners came to me for help. I handled one case for a family. All the family members practiced Falun Gong and went to appeal. They were all arrested. The police totally lost their human conscience. The practitioners' hands and feet were tied together and then they were thrown under beds for three days. The old lady was first taken out for interrogation. Two days later, the police released other family members in a hurry since they beat the old lady to death. Her whole body was covered with blood. The police interrogated her cruelly and beat her to death, trying to find out where she got the Dafa flyers. The family came to me for help and I composed a complaint letter for them. But when the court learned that the case was about Falun Gong, they threw it out. I also know another case. Many practitioners in China have evidence and photos of torture they suffered but cannot get them out of China. If one practitioner goes to Beijing for appeal, the mayor or the governor has to go to Beijing to take the blame for his oversight. To save their positions, the mayors and governors exert pressure on police departments, saying, ' you cannot get it done, make others do it.' The police departments then pass the pressure to police precincts. When it comes down to practitioners, they are tortured very badly. But every practitioner is a good person. What a government we have! If you have more truth materials, give me more, I will take them back and let others know the truth."

Practitioners felt that more and more people were willing to accept truth materials. They determined to do better during the process of Fa rectification.

After the activities, practitioners came to the square where Hu Jintao would pass. It was getting even colder in the evening. Practitioners lit candles and waited quietly. When the citizens learned about the practitioners' purpose, they said, "You are so peaceful. May you have success."

There was increased police presence in the square due to Hu' visit. Practitioners stood in the cold wind for three hours. When practitioners left the square, the police said, "I admire your spirit. You stood quietly for three hours on a cold day."

* * *

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