Collecting Signatures during the Fortieth Anniversary of the Founding of the French Branch of Amnesty International [AI] in Belgium

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October 6th was the Fortieth anniversary of the founding of the French branch of AI in Belgium. AI had a celebration activity in Brussels that day. Belgian Falun Gong practitioners were invited to attend the activity since AI would take the advantage of the activity to collect signatures for rescuing Zhao Ming and Teng Chunyan, two Falun Gong practitioners from overseas, who are brutally persecuted in custody in mainland China. The AI in Austria launched this activity that got strong support from AI subdivisions in different countries. AI in Belgium is one of those supporters.

The head of AI was very happy that we could attend. She was so pleased to collect the signatures together with us. We began with the signature collection in a small square and the streets in the middle of the shopping centre where many people passed by. Because of the good art performance organized by AI, a lot of people were attracted to the performance and stayed in the square, which provided a great opportunity for us to approach so many people. Indeed, many people signed the petition without hesitation. Their resolute signatures disclosed their kind heart towards the persecuted people. It was so wonderful that we could meet them in that place on that special day. They had done something very positive for their future.

I cannot forget two notable experiences during the signature collection activity. One happened when I stepped up to a young man with his lovely son in his arms. He looked at me with his clear blue eyes, glittering with honesty and kindness, which confided the accessibility of the heart to truth, compassion and tolerance. I presented the petition in front of him. He read it briefly and signed it. I thought that his clear side was delighted with his righteous choice at that time. Then I met another young couple. When I presented the petition, the young lady was unwilling to accept it. However, the young gentlemen showed his strong interest in the petition letter. He asked for it and read it carefully. Then, he took my ballpoint and signed the petition immediately. After signing the petition, he was not returning it to me right now. Instead, he gave the petition letter to his wife and requested her signature. His wife still did not want to sign. But he insisted on it. His wife was unable to resist his resolute persuasion and signed the petition. Then, he gave the signatures to me with a satisfactory smile on face. His benevolent heart really cheered me up at that time. He made a righteous choice not only for himself, but also for his wife. What a lucky wife the lady was! Those two episodes gave me deep impression about the Buddha side of the common people and urged me to approach more human beings.

We collected so many signatures that day. The AI head said that she would co-operate with local practitioners and tried to achieve more for Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in Mainland China.

Belgian Falun Gong practitioners

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