Qinghai Labour Camp Uses Drug Offenders To "Discipline" Practitioners

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Qinghai Labour Camp authorities have committed countless crimes to force practitioners to give up their beliefs in Falun Dafa. At first, the practitioners were separated, for brainwashing, and then detained with drug offenders. Contact between practitioners was forbidden. Afterwards, they gathered all practitioners together for brainwashing. If practitioners still did not give up their belief in Falun Dafa, the guards would group them into a "constrained team," to be "strictly disciplined."

Female team guards checked all female practitioners upon arriving. The practitioners were required to immediately strip after being brought in. Each practitioner was turned over to 2 drug offence criminals for "strict supervision." If practitioners did not comply with the directives, the criminals would punch and kick them. The authorities also incited people to beat and otherwise punish Falun Dafa practitioners. A girl named Fan was stripped of all her clothes because she did not cooperate with the brainwashing orders. The guards tortured her with an electric baton and locked her up for seven days in solitary confinement. They spread rumours that this girl had mental problems and that she attempted to commit suicide. The guards did not allow other practitioners to contact her. Finally they prolonged her detention term by arbitrarily adding another 5 months and ordered 2 drug offence criminals to watch her. The guards stripped another practitioner, Jia, and tortured her with an electric baton as well, because she read and passed on an article by Teacher Li [the founder of Falun Gong] to other practitioners. Consequently, her detention term was extended for another 3 months.

In June 2001, Teacher Li's new article that spread among practitioners frightened the vicious forces. They conducted a so-called "3 month training" for all practitioners who were recently detained. The daily "training" lasted over 10 hours. Due to the extremely hot weather in the summer, the guards didn't dare to come out of their offices to deal with practitioners, but instead ordered the drug offence criminals to take turns torturing practitioners. On a daily basis, Dafa practitioners were only allowed one meal, lunch, and were not allowed to drink any water. They would not even make an exception for the elderly lady who was in her 60s. The practitioners who could not walk anymore had to stay outside, to suffer in these hot temperatures. Since she was too tired to walk, practitioner Zhang sat down for a moment. For that infringement the police ordered drug offence criminals to beat her and then locked her up separately for 7 days. In addition, they added another 3 months to her detention term. Practitioner Miao could not walk anymore because her legs were swollen. The thugs punished her separately for not walking by beating her with an electric baton, simply because she sat down for a short while to rest. Practitioners had to have their meals in a square outlined by the guards on the field, regardless of whether it was rainy or windy.

In the male team, when practitioner He Wanji's mother and his son came to visit him, the guards arranged the visit in a meeting room installed with a hidden camera and microphone. The guards secretly videotaped their conversations. As a result, his mother, who was in her 70s, was arrested and illegally detained for 29 days. She was also fined 100 Yuan. His young son was detained for 4 days and fined 1,500 Yuan (This amounts to three months income for an average city worker in China). He had been locked up 7 days and forced to write the "repentance statement" [A statement declaring that he will give up his practice of Falun Dafa and will obey Jiang Zemin's political ideology from now on]. His detention term was prolonged by 3 months.

Practitioner Tang, a teacher in a middle school in Xining City, was illegally sent to a labour camp due to appealing for Falun Dafa in Beijing. While in the labour camp, he was enlightened to the fact that cultivation practice is very serious. He became aware that a practitioner could not denounce Falun Dafa on the surface, and in one's heart still want to cultivate. Doing it this way is not the behaviour of a practitioner. Falun Dafa practitioners should always take the Fa [the principles of Falun Gong] as the teacher. His firm, righteous thoughts shocked the vicious forces. They transferred him to a "strictly supervised" team. Then he was transferred again to a "strictly disciplined class" and was watched by 12 drug offence criminals. Now he has still not been released, even though his detention term has expired.

The above are just some of the records of persecution against local practitioners.

The List of the Policemen:

The head of the Qinghai Detention Center: Ma Ruqiang, phone: 011-86-971-13709762701

The head of the Management Department: Lu Xin: Phone: 011-86-971-5130627 or 5130619 ext: 3107, 3108

Supervisor of No.1Team: Yao Wenkui

Head of the Female Team: Guo Xia

Supervisor of the Female Team: Duan Hairong (now is the head of Female Labour Camp Management Section)

Supervisor of No.2 Team: Yang Yong

Clerical worker of No.1Team: Zha Xi

No.1 Department of Xining Police Station: Head officer Liu, phone: 011-86-971-8248906; ext. 3492

Head officer Wang: 011-86-971-8248906; ext 3499

Head officer Yang: 011-86-971-3997323 or 3999406

The head of the Law and Politics Section of Xining City Police Station, Hu Jianguo

Xining Railway Police Department:

Head officer: Guo Quanfan: 011-86-971-8192918, 8192708

Secretary: Li Zhiyi: 011-86-971-8192698, 8192908

Vice-director: Yang Kun: 011-86-971-8192138

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/19/15912.html

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