The Root Cause of a Recurrent Liver Tumour

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I have encountered lots of strange illnesses during the time when I had my own clinic. One such medical case particularly strengthened my belief in karmic retribution. My memory of this case has remained fresh in my mind after all these years, and now I would like to share it with others.

In mid-July of 1995, a gaunt man with a sickly yellow complexion came to my clinic. He was an architect and the owner of a well-known architectural firm in my area. He told me that he suffered a relapse after he had undergone surgery to remove a liver tumour. When he touched his stomach where his liver was, he could feel a hard bump slightly bigger than a strawberry. The tumour hadn’t reduced in size after several treatments so I performed hypnosis on him in order to probe the true cause of the illness.

Several minutes after he was hypnotised, the man began to tell his story. When he was seven years old, he injured himself while climbing a tree in the backyard. His stomach, the area above the liver, was jabbed by a tree branch. Next, he saw himself floating in the air and travelling through countless scenes of reincarnation.

Suddenly, he saw an elderly monk standing in front of an ancient temple and a group of soldiers standing in front of the monk with my patient, in full armour, as their commanding general. Judging from the flag that was flying, he guessed it was during the Ming Dynasty. The general was preparing to lead an attack on a nearby city. The abbot monk tried to persuade him to abort the idea and explained to him the karmic retribution for killing innocent lives. However, the general didn’t believe it. He was arguing with the abbot monk when a messenger arrived and briefly described the latest situation in the city. The general immediately ordered the attack and took off on his horse, leaving the monk and his advice behind.

Next, the patient saw the general leading his men in ramming the gate of the city. The general also ordered the soldiers to lay ladders against the outer wall of the gate and made them climb up the ladders to raid the city with spears and shields. The enemy’s force guarding the city was very brave, and the battle turned into a stalemate. Suddenly, an arrow flew through the air and hit the general in his stomach, piercing the lower part of his liver, which was the exact problem area of his liver tumour in this life. As my patient witnessed in the hypnosis the general suffering from excruciating pain, he also felt a sharp, intense pain in his own liver. Because the general commanding the army was badly wounded, the attack on the city was suspended. The entire army retreated to its base camp, and he was placed in a clean tent.

Soon after he lay down, a man wearing a long gray robe was led hastily into the tent. He anaesthetised the general, cut off the end of the arrow outside his body, and pulled out the remaining arrow after administering medications around the wound. Blood gushed out from the wound but quickly stopped because of the medication. Several days later, his army retreated completely. After the general recovered from the injury, he worked as a royal court official until the age of 57 when he died from a recurring injury from the arrow. My patient saw that, when the general died, he floated to the ceiling and was surrounded by soft light. He also saw his body laid on a beautiful wooden bed with many birds and floral carvings. His body was covered with a light green blanket. A man and a woman knelt in front of his bed. The woman was his wife, and the man was his son. They wept heavily.

When he recounted this story during hypnosis, he added he had died from liver diseases for several incarnations after that life as a general. Next, he willingly entered the surrounding light and left the hypnotised state at my prompt. When he was completely awake, he told me his family had been Christians starting from his father’s generation. As the current Christian beliefs don’t include the concept of reincarnation, if he hadn’t personally witnessed his previous lives, he would never have believed in karmic retribution and reincarnation. He added that he had realised through this experience that one should never do bad things.

Similar to countless other stories of karmic retribution, it’s evident that people will meet with karmic retribution for doing bad deeds. If they can not repay their karma in one lifetime, they will have to repay it over several incarnations, regardless of whether they are the commander/initiator or follower of a crime.

In terms of the evil and brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China right now, the Chinese government officials and police officers who have been blindly carrying out Jiang’s orders should come to their senses. Evil deeds will eventually be met with punishments, and persecuting cultivators on their way to godhood generates even greater karma! Stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners immediately before it’s too late!

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