Netherlands Newspaper Maaspost: A Message from the Netherlands Falun Gong Association

In a weekly Netherlands newspaper called Maaspost, there is a column entitled “Chairman Speaks” in which a chairman or representative of an association or foundation can say a few words. The edition of the week beginning 22nd March contained the following:

For almost three years, the Netherlands Falun Gong Association has been actively calling attention to and informing the Dutch public and government about the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese authorities. Falun Gong is a Qigong system originating in ancient China. By doing five simple physical exercises and studying and applying Falun Gong’s guiding principles of Truthfulness - Compassion - Forbearance, a practitioner purifies his body and strives to improve his mind and moral character. The persecution targets millions of people and the consequences can be felt outside China as well. Thousands of innocent people have already died due to brutal torture. With a global propaganda campaign the Chinese authorities try to justify their persecution by depicting Falun Gong as an [slanderous term omitted], which has caused many people to get a wrong image of this peaceful way that sets a moral example and brings harmony to the minds and bodies of those who practise it. The Chinese authorities do not give a grounded reason for their persecution and they are not open to dialogue or independent investigation. The Association tries to offer a counter-balance by acquainting the public with Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. More information can be found at

P.L.R. Houben
Chairman of the Falun Gong Association of the Netherlands

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