Sharing Falun Gong on the Cruise from Stockholm to Åland, Sweden

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On 25th and 26th of November, 2001 some Falun Gong practitioners went on a cruise from Stockholm to Åland. Ten practitioners went to show what Falun Gong is. We had an exhibition about Falun Gong and the persecution in China. Many people came to our exhibition frequently and many were interested in trying the movements, especially senior women.

In the morning of the 26th we stopped in Mariehamn in Åland where we participated in Falun Gong activities in the city centre. After being there for five minutes the local
press came and did a story about us. They had their office nearby so they spotted us and wondered what we were doing.

We handed out a lot of information on the boat and many were interested in contacting Falun Gong in their hometowns where they lived to try out the movements some more, but also to deepen their understanding of the teachings. Many people felt a harmonious feeling when doing the movements.

It was a society for single persons called Me-Too who had arranged the trip and wanted us to be there to show Falun Gong. The person in charge of the society had seen us when we showed the movements during the Culture Night in the town of Norrköping some months ago. He found the movements beautiful and harmonious, and thus thought that Falun Gong would fit in well on the boat. There were also other exhibitions on the boat on the theme of body and soul.

The society for single persons supported us in the campaign against the persecution in China and they all knew about the event in Tiananmen Square, when some ten Swedes where there to demonstrate against the brutal, inhuman persecution of Falun Gong. Since we were invited by the society for single persons they knew what Falun Gong was, which felt good because no one seem to ask questions what Falun Gong was and why it was persecuted in China. We really felt well received.

It was really interesting and exciting and at the same time unique showing Falun Gong on a cruise. The interest was big among the travellers and we will probably do this more times if the occasion arises.

Provided by Falun Gong practitioners from Sweden

* * *

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