Clarifying the Truth and Spreading Falun Gong to Teachers in My School

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In my education programme at my school in Aneby, Smaland, we oftentimes have teachers coming to our class to lecture from other places. As these are precious opportunities, I take these opportunities to give them some information about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China, and also have some conversation about it with those who are interested.

Recently, we had two teachers in a course about Permaculture. One came from Norway and the other came from an island on the Swedish west coast - two really good-hearted women. Sometimes I practice some of the Falun Dafa-exercises during our short brakes. They happened to see me one day when I was standing on the lawn doing one of the exercises, and later expressed how nice it seemed to be.

I wanted to tell them about the persecution of Dafa in China and about Falun Dafa, and waited until the day before the two week course was over. When the last lecture of that day was finished, I approached them first with some information material, and we started talking. First I told them about the persecution, and they genuinely expressed how wrong and terrible it was. Then our conversation went over to the method of Falun Dafa, and it ended up with that they wanted to try the exercises. So right there in the classroom, I started to teach them the exercises. Afterwards, they both said that it felt so good doing the exercises, and expressed that they wanted to find out more about it. Next day, before we parted, I gave them one copy each of China Falun Gong. Afterwards, my heart felt so happy for them. So wonderful.

* * *

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