German Newspaper Boulevard Baden: After Two Years of Detention in China, Wei Xiong, joins the Struggle for Human Rights

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Karlsruhe. The thirty four year old Chinese lady told us about her experience, “I was neither allowed to stand straight up or sleep,” during a two week re-education class. “The re-education assistants beat and kicked me.”

Without resting, she distributed flyers and explained the persecution of Falun Gong adherents in China from the time she was arrested and locked up in one of Beijing’s “slave labour camps” in January of 2002 in Beijing.

On September 29th she finally regained her freedom, after the efforts of the German government and a number of human rights organisations. She is presently traveling throughout Germany to thank everyone for all the efforts on her behalf, for regaining her freedom and at the same time to tell everyone about the Chinese labour camps and the persecution of Falun Gong adherents in China. She already has met with European Union representatives in Strasbourg. This week she had the opportunity to continue her fight for human rights in Karlsruhe’s city hall and at the offices of the human rights organisation “Amnesty International.”

This week, she revealed during a visit to Amnesty International that twenty women were held in a cell of fifteen square metres. “The daily agenda included beatings, humiliation and bodily abuse.”

Joschka Fischer, Germanys Foreign Minister, pleaded for her freedom during his visit to China. Her priority, since her release is the continued clarification of the facts about China’s human rights violations everywhere.

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