I Can Attend College Because of Falun Gong

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I am from the countryside in China. I often tell my college friends, "I can attend college because of Falun Gong."

When I was younger, my school grades were very good, but my family's financial situation was bad. My mum said if her children could go to college, she would sell part of the household property to pay for the tuition. It was very difficult for us to attend college and pay for tuition at that time. My dad had suffered from liver disease for many years. He was weak and not able to perform heavy fieldwork. We owed many debts for his treatment. I have two older sisters. We were all very young when father got ill, so mom took on the burden of supporting the family. Sometimes my mum went to town and took injections so she could physically keep up with the hard work in the fields. With grandma's help, my parents struggled in the fields and supported the three of us so that we could attend school.

I have now attended an elite university for two years. My family has paid off all its debts, and my school tuition is not a problem anymore. One of my sisters also went to an expensive college. My family easily paid all the expenses.

What caused the big change in my family? My dad started to practise Falun Gong at the end of 1996. All his illnesses disappeared soon after. He had no need to go to the hospital or take drugs. He has been well ever since. Soon after, my mum also began to practise. They have been very healthy and full of energy. The family savings have grown alongside the improvement in their health.

In the winter of 1996, I had stomach problems when I was still in junior high. It was often painful to visit the restroom. I also had bumpy facial blemishes. Medicine did not work. My mind became numb and I did not care about anything anymore. During the winter break of 1997, I too began to practise Falun Gong, and the health problems soon subsided.

My family has kept up Falun Dafa practise all these years and our health has been great ever since.

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