Give Teachers and Students a Chance to Learn the Facts

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In the spring of 2004, our area compiled several batches of materials which targeted teachers and students and were used strictly for teachers and students to learn the true facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. These materials achieved certain effects, but the number of people who understand the truth is still very small. Among the entire population in Mainland China, the students of colleges, institutes and universities, elementary, middle and high schools, combined with the people working in the educational field, probably constitute about 20% of the population, or roughly 300 million people. If we include their family members, the number will be much higher. Saving the lives of these several hundred million people should get the attention of the fellow practitioners in Mainland China.

First, we should make use of all possible environments and conditions to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution to these students. Because of the propaganda in the educational system from Jiang Zemin and his followers and the lies they have fabricated, all students of colleges, institutes and universities, as well as the elementary, middle and high schools, comprise a group whose minds have been poisoned the most. The majority of the people in China do not have a belief. All college and university students, as well as middle and high school students, tend to neglect other things outside their general studies and fields of specialty. Elementary students lack the ability to think, differentiate and analyze independently. Therefore, clarifying the truth to these students is more difficult than it is to workers and farmers.

In my experiences of explaining the truth to students, I found that most of the middle and high school students tend to reject the truth in the beginning because of the poisonous propaganda from Jiang's followers with which they have been saturated for several years, combined with the policy of implication that has been forced upon them by the government. For example, if a person practices Falun Gong or someone in his family practices Falun Gong, he will not be able to join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he will not be able to apply for military schools, he will not be able to apply for an important special field in any college and so on. Students and their parents are all afraid. They are afraid that if they have anything to do with Falun Gong their future will be jeopardized. Furthermore, the former head of the Ministry of Education, Chen Zhili, introduced a lot of propaganda into the national education system to defame Dafa. As a result, many students and teachers were misinformed and it will not be easy to clear away these effects.

There are relatively fewer difficulties to let the truth be known to elementary school students. Elementary school students have simple and naive minds. It is easy for them to accept something and it is also easy for them to change their minds. A fellow practitioner is an elementary school teacher. One time she asked all the students in her class, "Is Falun Dafa good?" Only one student said "good" while other students said otherwise. This fellow practitioner felt painful in her heart. She plucked up her courage and clarified the truth to the students. After she explained the truth to them she asked again, "Is Falun Gong good?" Everybody said in one voice "Good". She then said to the students, "It is not enough that only you know Falun Dafa is good; you need to tell your father and mother that 'Falun Dafa is good', and 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good'." Several days later when she asked the students again, the students all said that they had told their parents. Elementary school students do not have the ability to think and analyze independently; they take their teacher's words as an "Imperial Decree" and they are not willing to accept different words from others afterwards. Hopefully, fellow practitioners who are teachers can let go of their fear and attachments, make use of their special positions and conditions which give them an advantage and save these innocent children whose minds have been poisoned by the lies.

Secondly, we should guide our own children to clarify the truth to their schoolmates and teachers. Many of our fellow practitioners' children, grandchildren, and the children of relatives and friends are in schools as well. Some of them are Falun Dafa practitioners. For those who do not practice Falun Dafa, they may also have a certain understanding about Dafa. We should inspire them to explain the truth to their schoolmates and teachers. One young fellow practitioner who was in high school told me one time that a teacher of the politics class read about Falun Gong in the class and his viewpoint showed that he had obviously been deceived by the lies fabricated by the evil. After the class, the young practitioner wrote a long letter to the teacher and told him the truth about Falun Gong. After reading the letter, the teacher said to the young practitioner, "You are the first student I have met who wrote to the teacher with an honest and sincere heart. I have remembered your words and from now on I will not say those things again." One time the teacher distributed test papers. The young practitioner noticed that one question on the paper defamed Dafa and she immediately pointed it out to the teacher. The teacher said, "Everyone, you don't need to answer that question."

The way Falun Dafa is spread is from person to person and from heart to heart. If our children and the children of our relatives and friends can all step forward to let more people learn the facts, imagine how many more living beings will be saved!

Thirdly, we should help the teachers and the people working in the educational field to understand the truth as soon as possible. Imparting knowledge and educating people is the responsibility of all teachers. To disseminate righteousness or evil, kindness or viciousness, good or bad is all in one thought of the teacher. There are several dozen or even several hundred teachers in one elementary or middle school. There are even more in colleges, institutes and universities. There are millions of teachers in the whole country. They have knowledge and good moral character; they influence hundreds of millions of students and their parents; they are a special group of people.

The people most poisoned by the lies about Falun Gong are students and teachers. This is also the weakest link when we are clarifying the truth. Therefore, we should focus our efforts on clarifying the truth to teachers and people working in the educational fields. We should do this with increased dynamics in order to clear up the poison. More specifically, we can start from four aspects:

(1) The practitioners who are teachers or work in the educational field can explain the truth to the teachers of their schools or their educational departments.
(2) Practitioners who have children in schools can pay visits to the homes of the teachers and the principles. They can begin with discussing their children's education in the school and eventually find opportunities to let them know the facts.
(3) Fellow practitioners can inspire their children to talk about Falun Gong to their teachers directly.
(4) All practitioners can write letters, make phone calls, deliver truth-clarifying materials and go to schools, educational departments and teachers' homes to explain the truth.

Fourth, while developing comprehensive and thorough truth clarification activities, we cannot neglect the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts. We need to send forth righteous thoughts to clear away all the dark minions, rotten ghosts and evil factors in other dimensions of all the elementary, middle and high schools, the colleges, universities and institutes, and the research institute and education administrative departments. Also, at specific times, fellow practitioners in one area can send forth righteous thoughts as a group to eliminate the evil, thus cooperating with the development of the relkevant activities.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out any mistakes.

* * *

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