A Touching Story about a Happy Elderly Lady in Ukraine

During the seven day “Journey of Compassion” art exhibition held in Syeverodonetsk, Ukraine, there was a very touching event.

The elderly lady talking to other visitors The lady overcame difficulties to view the exhibition

A kind elderly lady, signing the petition in the photo above, explained how she overcame difficulties and her poor health to come to attend the art exhibition held by Falun Gong practitioners. She said, “On my way up to the 3rd floor where you are holding this exhibition, I paused a number of times to take a break and asked myself, ‘Why are you going? You have to realise that you haven’t been anywhere for many years and you don’t have the energy to climb stairs.’ However, at the same time, a strength - I don’t know where it came from - pushed me to continue up the stairs. When I overcame the difficulties and arrived at the exhibition hall, I was moved deep down in my heart by a formless power. I never imagined that I could see such beautiful and touching paintings in today’s society.”

The elderly lady carefully viewed each painting and did not want to leave. She was so happy that she looked as if she were a child again. She showed the practitioners her walking stick, which helped her walk to the exhibition hall. The kind old lady felt extremely thankful for being able to view such a splendid set of paintings.

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