The Power of Art In Introducing the Persecution Taking Place Against Falun Gong

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The Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance International Art Exhibition not only shows the beauty of Falun Dafa cultivation, but also discloses the truth of the brutal persecution that Jiang Zemin's regime inflicts on Falun Gong. At the same time, it inspires people with the universal principle of "Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil."

Righteous art can touch people's minds and hearts. Many people say, "It's shocking!" Others are moved to tears. Some practitioners have said that some issues are difficult to explain, and that during discussion, even when questions are clearly answered, people sometimes seem apathetic or disinterested. However, standing in front of the paintings, they immediately understand the message. This type of comprehensive visual information speaks deeply to peoples' minds, awakening their compassionate nature, and greatly shocking the factors that cause their apathy and lack of understanding. This exhibition is a deep and powerful expression of the Fa (law or principle, the teachings in Falun Gong) that completely denies the old forces' arrangements and makes it possible to fully expose the lies and deceit.

Most of the artwork was first shown on July 20 of this year in the Capitol Building in Washington DC. It was entitled "Uncompromising Courage," and was later exhibited in other countries. The exhibition has been very positively received in many South Korean cities, including Teagu, Seoul, and Suwon. For the first exhibition at Teagu, 50,000 brochures were printed to announce the exhibition. In Seoul, 100,000 brochures and 180,000 flyers were printed. As of December 2004, the exhibition has been shown in eight South Korean locations. South Korean practitioners are now preparing to publish all of the art pieces from the exhibition as a book, and publish this book in Chinese, English, and Korean languages. Many full sized copies of the art works have been sold throughout the county, exposing the Chinese Communist Party's deceptive propaganda and spreading the seeds of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

Falun Dafa practitioners' art works were also exhibited at the annual National Book Show in Indonesia. Another exhibition for the Chinese community living in Indonesia is being planned.

The first show in Toronto was at York University, the most influential university in Ontario. Immediately thereafter, it was exhibited in London University Community Hall at West University of Ontario. In Ontario, there are exhibitions almost every week. The next exhibition will be at the University of Toronto. Originally, the plan was to have two concurrent exhibits at two locations in the middle of October. Because an agent of Jiang's regime was working behind-the-scenes to intimidate the sponsors, only a small part of the artwork was shown at the National Art Club. This caused a great deal of attention from media and the community. The exhibition contract was for two weeks, but because of pressure from the media and the public, it was extended. Because of the popularity of the exhibition, growing numbers of people were attending. Near the end of the second extension, the National Art Club initiated an extension of the exhibition again, and also offered to provide their largest showroom to show the movie "Sandstorm," and slides of the other art works.

Many people expressed very positive comments regarding the exhibition. A history professor at a university in New York said, "Seeing China's figure skating entry win the world championship, I felt that the Chinese are very outstanding people. Now, after seeing the Falun Dafa exhibition, I feel the Chinese people are even more outstanding." The largest media group in Canada, CBC TV, gave a very positive report about the art exhibition during their prime time broadcast. After some people saw the exhibition, they immediately decided to learn about Falun Gong. Several in the audience even organised a Falun Dafa club.

Introducing Falun Gong and the persecution taking place against those who practise Falun Gong with an art show containing this kind of cultural expression has a special power and appeal. Now that we have gathered a certain genre of artwork, additional and better pieces are constantly being added to the exhibition, and will be shown throughout the world. We hope more countries and communities will invite the Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance International Art Exhibition to be shown, as it is a powerful expression of the Fa, presented through practitioners and their suffering.

Preparation Committee of the Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance International Art Show

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