Revealing the Facts of the Persecution on the Streets of Paris with a Widescreen Plasma TV

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Walking down the busy streets of Paris, despite the dazzling sunlight on a fine day, a pedestrian could still clearly see a widescreen plasma TV playing films about the truth of Falun Gong.

Modern electronic video media has advantages in our efforts to show the truth about Falun Gong, which audio media and traditional text media cannot substitute for. Especially after the productions of a large number of new truth films, their many splendid strengths stand out even more when realistically animated, simple to watch, easy to understand, appropriate for all ages, suited to both refined and popular tastes, highly persuasive and so on so forth. Nevertheless, because it requires a power supply when in use, using it on the streets is often restricted by many limitations, which dilute the strengths listed above. If a small, mobile petrol or diesel powered dynamotor was used, the problem of the power supply could be completely solved. In this way, broadcasting truth CDs on the street wouldn’t be limited anymore by the location of the activity.

In Paris, France, local practitioners used a Japanese small Honda gasoline electricity generator to provide energy for the wide flat-screen TV, stereo system and CD player. This solved the problem completely. It is as big as an ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner and costs around six hundred Euro in Europe. With sufficient fuel it would be able to power a home cinema system without a break for up to three or four hours.

Under the direct glare of bright sunshine, passers-by could still see the images vividly. The stereo system has guaranteed that the public could clearly hear the commentary on the busy streets of the city centre and above loud noise levels. Matched with picture display boards, pedestrians were easily attracted to the beautifully produced truth story clips, and stopped one by one to watch. When the pedestrians saw with their own eyes the truth behind the self-immolation deceit directed by the Chinese Communist Party the Jiang regime and all kinds of torture suffered by Falun Gong practitioners in mainland China, the shock effect was obvious. At this point, when we hand out material or provide truth CDs to interested onlookers, most of them say that they would like to watch or read about it carefully at home. For pedestrians passing in a hurry, the chance for them to know about the truth has increased greatly.

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