Film about the Persecution of Falun Gong was Broadcast on National TV in Norway

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Every year the national TV stations in Norway hold commercial-free days during the Easter Holidays. On commercial-free days, they give all their commercial time to charities and volunteer organisations. Practitioners in Norway felt this was a very good opportunity to tell a wide segment of Norwegian people about the ongoing persecution against people who practise Falun Gong in China. They therefore made the film ‘Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong’ and sent it to the national TV-station TV Norge (TV Norway). The staff at TV Norge were very touched by the film and what the Falun Gong practitioners told them about the persecution. They were happy to choose ‘Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong’ as one of their films this Easter.

TV Norge is one of the biggest TV-stations in Norway and broadcasts throughout the entire country. Norway is a country which stretches far, even into the arctic regions, with many places that are quite isolated. The cities and towns are mostly small and the population is spread out. Therefore, this was a good opportunity to tell many people about the persecution in China who might not have heard about it before. For almost six years, Falun Gong practitioners in China have been suppressed in the evilest manner by the Chinese Communist dictatorship: hundreds of thousands have been sent to labour camps, thousands have been murdered, countless have become homeless, robbed of their work and income because they wanted to live by Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.

Beforehand, Falun Gong practitioners in Norway had discussed and exchanged understandings and they had decided that the film should respect the circumstance that it would be shown during Easter. Instead of showing the brutality of the persecution practitioners in China face explicitly, they therefore made a film which tried to express the goodness, beauty and dignity of Falun Dafa, a wonderful practice which faces such irrational persecution by the communist regime. The film revolves around pictures of practitioners in China who have been persecuted to death. There are mothers, fathers, children, and people of all ages. This showed that anybody can believe in Falun Dafa and Truth, Compassion, Tolerance, but at the same time it showed the utter evilness and indiscrimination of the persecution in China, harming people regardless of everything including age.

The film was broadcast throughout Norway on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It was heartening to see a major TV station take such a positive and pro-active stance on this serious issue and to show their compassionate side in such a high-profile way.

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