A Young Chinese Couple Learn the Truth from a Video-CD

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Once I was on a boat ride back to my home country when I met a young Chinese couple. I began a discussion with them, telling them that I practise Falun Gong. They were happy to talk to me and we had a long discussion, mostly about the persecution against Falun Gong in China. They both had a higher level education, so we discussed issues on many levels and they asked many questions, most arising from the lies that the Chinese Communist Party have spread. I answered each of their questions patiently and they understood and accepted my words, but it seemed that they still remained a little bit cautious about the topic of our discussion. In the end, I gave them some leaflets and a Video-CD and then we parted company. Some time later, I received the email below:

“Thank you very much for the VCD of 'Falun Gong Truth'. I watched it with my girlfriend and we both admit we were really seriously lacking the true information. I feel ashamed of our government but I'm getting more proud of the Chinese people and our culture. I will spread this VCD to my friends and I hope more and more Chinese people can get to know the truth.”

I was very happy to receive this email. The VCD had swept away the last pieces of suspicion that the evil propaganda had planted in their minds. I understood that the content of the VCDs must be very comprehensive and powerful in clarifying the facts and from then on I’ve always tried to make sure I have those VCDs with me to hand out together with leaflets.

* * *

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