Facts About Wiretapping and a Few Suggestions on Its Prevention

The Chinese regime has spared no expense in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in and out of China, and tracking the practitioners' conversations and their locations is a vital part of that persecution. To help practitioners avoid the damage caused by their actions, we would like to disclose some of the techniques that are used, so that we may negate them in the future.

1. Cell Phone Tapping

A. Monitoring the conversation of two parties: Available equipment can intercept two parties' phone conversation of the targeted cell phones within the effective network range. It does not require adding any special bug to the targeted cell phones. It can change the targeted phone number at any time, and this works for text messages, as well. It can monitor and record at the same time.

B. Eavesdropping on conversations surrounding the target: They can use a special function key and dial the targeted person's cell phone number. The targeted person's cell phone will automatically connect without ringing. The owner of the cell phone is not notified, but surrounding conversations can be heard, since the cell phone is transmitting the conversation.

C. The GSM-8 mobile phone intercepting system can easily listen in on the real time conversation carried out on a targeted cell phone. It requires the phone number of the cell phone to be targeted.

2. Cell phone tracking and allocation

This can track the target remotely and determine its location within a range of a few meters. It can trace the target's location and display the location on a screen relative to the snooper.

3. Phone tapping

In this case, an automatic program control electric circuit is used. The tapping device is started whenever there is a conversation signal between two parties. The device then transmits the signal to the receiver. The receiver will hear the sound of the phone ringing. Once the other party connects and starts to talk, the tapping device will simultaneously transmit the conversation to the wireless receiver. After both parties hang up, the device will automatically switch off.

4. Remote tapping

The device has a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is half the size of a cigarette box. It can remotely start or stop the transmitter, and its receiver can be either used as a separate device or connected to the phone on a land-line. When the targeted phone is connected, the receiver will start the transmission and the conversation can be heard.

The basic process of cell phone communication is as follows: The cell phone first transmits the signal to the mobile communication network. The mobile communication network then transforms the signal into an electromagnetic wave, and through the communication satellite, transmits it to the receiver's communication network. The receiver's communication device receives the electromagnetic wave, and transforms it into a signal and connects to the communication network. Hence, the cell phone communication is an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, anyone can intercept the conversation.

It is hard for cell phone users to detect that they are being monitored. It is different from a phone on a land-line in that tapping the land-line can affect the current and frequency of the circuit and thus can be easily detected. The theory of cell phone tapping is to receive digital signal. During a normal phone conversation, the majority of the signal is wasted. Losing some of the signal has almost no effect on the cell phone or the network station. Without the help of anti-wiretapping equipment, it is hard for the average user to detect that they are being tapped.


We can see that once the evil starts monitoring a cell phone, it is hard to ensure the security of the conversation. We have the following suggestions:

1. If you are on a blacklist and might be monitored, or if you work at a sensitive site, please purchase a special-purpose cell phone to contact other practitioners.

2. Remove the battery when the cell phone is not in use.

3. Consider using a pager. If a practitioner wants to contact you, he can send a message to the pager instead.

Firstly, you should not let the evil know your cell phone number. Secondly, remove the battery when the cell phone is not in use. This way the evil will not be able to turn our cell phone into their monitoring device as described above.

Of course, everything has its deeper reason and way to resolution. When we pay attention to safety, we must have righteous thoughts and righteous acts, stay diligent in studying the Falun Gong teachings and sending forth righteous thoughts, and use the power and skills that Master entrusted to us to eliminate all evil.

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