Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in the Frankfurt Multi-cultural Parade

The Frankfurt city authorities hold their annual multi-cultural parade every June. On June the 25th, several thousand Frankfurt people watched the many different parade performers under the blazing sunlight. German Falun Gong practitioners wore traditional Chinese costumes and participated in the parade.

Practitioners performed traditional Chinese programmes like fan-dancing, lotus flower dancing and waist drumming, which earned unceasing applause from the on-lookers along the street. On the route of the parade, practitioners came across several tourist groups from China who wanted to pose for pictures with the practitioners and take some Falun Gong leaflets.

Falun Dafa in the multicultural parade A German girl sitting in meditation on a float A worthy trip for Chinese tourists

Waist drum team Traditional Chinese dancing German women in the waist drum team

Taking photos with the Falun Gong performers Mother and son reading a leaflet Please give me a Falun Gong leaflet

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