German Foreign Ministry Responds to an Enquiry about Jiang Renzheng

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Jiang Renzheng, along with his wife Guo Rui and their two young sons, practised Falun Gong in Germany. The family was deported back to China by the German Government, who stated that the Jiang family were in no danger of persecution and could therefore return to their homeland. After arriving back in China, Jiang was subsequently interrogated and imprisoned in a forced labour camp by the Chinese Communist Party. His family has also suffered various forms of human rights abuses.

June 21st 2005

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your letter outlining your serious concerns about the fate of the Jiang family. Foreign Minister Fischer has asked the appropriate office at the state level to answer your concerns.

The Foreign Ministry has pleaded Mr. Jiang Renzheng’s case to the Chinese Government ever since we have learned about his arrest and deportation to a forced labour camp. Mr. Tom Koenigs, the human rights commissioner of the federal government, has specifically mentioned this case during the bilateral German-Chinese human rights talks in Beijing on May 30th 2005. The Chinese Government has confirmed that he has been arrested and detained in a forced labour camp. The federal government has clearly indicated to the Chinese that the arrest and sentencing to three years in a labour camp are not acceptable and has asked for the immediate release of Mr. Jiang.

We would like to assure you that the federal government will continue to plead Mr. Jiang’s case.


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