Latest "Falun Gong Murder" Is Another Chinese Communist Party Smear Campaign

On the 15th of July, Tianjin Daily published an article about a man from Dagang Oil Field who killed his daughter and nephew with a cleaver and then turned himself in. The man was described as a Falun Gong practitioner. The Epoch Times contacted the Dagang Oil Fields television station and local media, who had not even heard of the incident.

Tianjin Daily said, "Suspect Li Yanzhong admitted to the crime. Li said, 'I felt that my head was filled with the thought of killing. My mind was controlled by bad beings, as though it wasn't my mind. They controlled my mind, and asked me to kill and commit suicide.'"

Basic medical knowledge tells us that this is typical of a schizophrenia patient. Regardless of whether Li had a history of schizophrenia, his description clearly demonstrated that he had a mental illness. It was sad that a schizophrenia patient killed his daughter and nephew. But someone wanted to use this unfortunate event to achieve despicable goals.

To verify the accuracy of the news report, a reporter from The Epoch Times called relevant agencies at the Dagang Oil Fields. The Dagang Oil Fields East Public Security Bureau said they had not heard of the incident. Dagang Oil Fields has its own television station. If an employee at the Oil Fields killed two six-year-old children five days ago, including his own daughter, who would not have heard about it? But neither the news department of the oil field nor the propaganda department has heard about it. They suggested that the reporter contact the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) branch office. Why is the CCP branch office, and not the public security bureau, in charge of such a criminal homicide? Isn't this implying that the case is not an ordinary homicide but a case with political motives?

Tianjin Daily states that the police found Falun Gong books at Li's home, and concluded that this was another family tragedy caused by Falun Gong. On the subject of "another tragedy," perhaps some still remember the several so-called "Falun Gong murders" broadcast by China Central TV a couple of years ago, including Fu Yibin's killing of his wife and mother, Dong Li's killing of his wife and injury of his daughter, Guan Shuyun's killing of her daughter, Zhao He's killing of a police officer, Zou Gang's killing, and the Tiananmen self-immolations. Although the CCP had complete control over the Chinese media, and that the news was framed as though Falun Gong was really involved, the public was able to see after the fact that the so-called "murders" were committed by people with mental illnesses. It was no different than the many false accusations during the Cultural Revolution, when even the country's chairman Liu Shaoqi was accused as a traitor, and so-called material evidence and eyewitnesses were fabricated to support the accusation. It is no coincidence that what the CCP calls "supported by solid evidence" usually turns out to be intentional deception to incriminate the innocent.

Hao Fengjun, a former police officer from the Tianjin 610 Office*, broke from the CCP and disclosed how the Tianjin 610 Office fabricated lies to slander and persecute Falun Gong. Hao especially talked about how the CCTV made false videos about Jing Zhanyi, a senior engineer. After Jing started practising Falun Gong, his third eye was opened and from that he created two inventions that were patented. This was well known in Tianjin. After the persecution started, the Tianjin 610 Office wanted Jing to deny that his inventions occurred after he started practising Falun Gong. *The 610 office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

Hao told The Epoch Times during an interview, "I heard the deputy director of the National Security Bureau telling Jing that if Jing repeated their lies, his prison term would be reduced. Otherwise they would accuse him of treason and sentence him to life in prison or secretly kill him. The poor old man was forced to denounce Falun Gong on television. He was later sentenced to seven years in prison.

"On the day of the TV interview, I ran into the reporter, and she gave me the microphone and asked me what I thought of the whole event. Maybe she wanted me to elaborate on the lie. To her disappointment, I said, 'Wasn't it a lie?' I turned around and left, leaving her standing there, stunned."

Hao said because of what he said, he was reprimanded by his supervisor and put under detention. To maintain his conscience, he chose to flee China.

Hao's experience proved that the CCP and the Tianjin 610 Office could not tolerate anyone who spoke the truth. Their persecution of Falun Gong was based on lies and deception.

A resident in China who wishes to remain anonymous said, "Falun Gong is practised by people in dozens of countries. Why is it only in China that we hear about so-called Falun Gong killings? The homicides we hear about in the news are all committed by people with mental illness, yet they were used to incriminate Falun Gong. If a student becomes mentally insane, does it mean the school the student attends is bad? Also, many of these killers had never practised Falun Gong. The government is trying to give Falun Gong all the blame. Nobody believes such news."

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