BBC: Ma Yingjiu Declares Support for Falun Gong and Criticises the Anti-Secession Law

The BBC Chinese website published a report on 8th August 2005 entitled: “Ma Yingjiu: Standing Strongly Against the CCP with China”. The report says, Mr. Ma Yingjiu, the new leader of the Taiwanese Kuomintang Party, said to a Chinese Times reporter during an interview on Jinmen Island: “Justice for June 4th, support Falun Gong, criticise the anti-secession law. These viewpoints will not be silenced just because I have become the president of the Taiwanese Kuomintang party.”

The report mentions that Mr. Ma Yingjiu emphasized, “If democracy does not take root, then it is a disadvantage to both sides of the Strait. Friends should be straight to the point with each other, forgive each other and offer advice to each other.” The text also refers to Ma Yingjiu’s optimistic attitude towards China’s future. He said, ”Recently in Mainland China some people have already begun to challenge the dictatorship and the news blackout, “which is very similar to Taiwan thirty years ago.”

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