Telephone Numbers of Those Who Murdered Falun Dafa Practitioner Yan Xiuzhong

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Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province

Yan Xiuzhong, a 52-year-old male practitioner was taken from his home in Shuangxing Village (in the town of Dasizhan, Boli County in Heilongjiang Province) by police in March 2000, because he wrote a letter to clarify the truth to Deputy County Leader Li Guofu. Later he was taken to Suihua Forced Labour Camp.

Boli County Police Station: 86-464-828-0414

Head of the security office, Boli County Police Station: Sun Chengyi

Head of the district police office in Town of Dasizhan, Boli County: Fan Chunying (male): 86-464-843-1488

Suihua City Labour Camp: 86-455-835-3860

Yang Jinlu -- Suihua Labour Camp Captain
Suihua Labour Camp Division 1: 86-455-835-3860 extension 8043

Zeng Qingjun -- Suihua Labour Camp, Division Leader

Diao Xuesong -- Suihua Labour Camp policeman

Guo De -- Suihua Labour Camp policeman

Suihua Labour Camp, Discipline Department -- 86-455-8353-860-8031

Law Office of Boli County Civil Government -- 86-464-853-1897
Address: 10 Xuefu Road, Boli County, Heilongjiang Province, 154500; Email: [email protected]

Boli County Secretary -- Zhang Shiyu

Boli County Political-Legal Secretary -- Zhang Fuxing: 86-464-852-2732

Boli County Political-Legal Deputy Secretary -- Deng Guowen: 86-464-852-4257

Boli County Political-Legal Deputy Secretary -- Hu Tao: 86-464-852-4257

Boli County Political-legal Office Director -- Zhao Guangyou: 86-464-852-4257

Boli County Web Site:

January 21, 2001


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