Video Recordings of Practitioners Ren Shujie and Gao Rongrong's Personal Account of the Persecution they Suffered at the Longshan Forced Labour Camp

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Her name is Ren Shujie. She is 42 years old and she previously owned a fabric shop in the Donghu Market in Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Ms. Ren now weighs less than 40 kg [88 lbs.]. It is hard to imagine that only three years ago she weighed 80 kg [approximately 176 lbs.] and was once completely healthy.

Her name is Gao Rongrong. She had worked as an accountant at the Luxun Institute of Fine Arts in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Although in the picture her face is covered with scars, Ms. Gao used to have a fair and bright complexion.

These two beautiful and healthy women became emaciated after enduring savage physical torture and mental torment at the hands of the Chinese government authorities, for the sole reason they practise Falun Gong and believed in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. These horrific crimes took place at the Longshan Forced Labour Camp, located in a valley at the foot of the Changbai Mountain, 20 km [approximately 13.5 miles] southeast of Shenyang City.

Ren Shujie: Liu Qing from the Chongkong Police Station from the Donghu Market and other officials handcuffed my hands behind my back and Liu Qing slapped my face. He hit the back of my legs with large sticks and forced me to squat on the ground. Liu Qing said, "Let's charge the electric batons and then shock her with them." They threatened me and later sent me to Longshan Forced Labour Camp.

Ren Shujie was arrested and illegally sentenced to three years of forced labour. She was held at Division 2 at the Longshan Forced Labour Camp. Deputy Division Head Tang Yubao tried to "reform" Ms. Ren, depriving her of sleep for seven days and seven nights. Ren Shujie also witnessed the torture of other Falun Gong practitioners at the Longshan Forced Labour Camp.

Ren Shujie: When I was on the first floor, I heard Wei Yanxin screaming on the second floor. It lasted over an hour. Tang Yubao shocked her (Wei Yanxin) with electric baton(s), kicked her and hit her. Practitioner Bai Hua said some things against her conscience under the pressure. She felt guilty because only she herself knew how much she benefited from studying Falun Dafa and how she had improved her character. It was horrific for her to undergo such extreme pressure. I remember when I was first beaten, people saw how ruthless the beating was. Later, Bai Hua went to Tang Yubao and said some heartfelt words, "I can never again say untrue words, even if you beat me to death. I feel terrible. I must and will follow Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Falun Dafa is good." Although the pressure and terror inside the labour camp is hard to imagine for anyone who has not experienced it, she still spoke the truth with courage. It was such a suffocating environment. It was not like home! Bai Hua told me, "I feel so much better now as a human after I spoke the truth." She said that to me in person. Bai Hua was later sent to the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp.

Aside from trying to brainwash us, the perpetrators at the Longshan Labour Camp also forced us to do slave labour on a daily basis. We processed candles for export and worked from 7 a.m. until 10:30 p.m.

Ren Shujie: We ate breakfast at 6:30 a.m. and had to arrive at the workshop before 7 a.m. Each candle wax container weighs at least 20 kg (or 53 lbs.). The wax is packed in big beer cans. We had to carry the wax up and down the stairs. One day, I was so exhausted after carrying 40 cans of wax that I broke down in tears. We had to work until around 10:30 p.m. and didn't even have a break around noontime. If we did rest at noontime, we would be forced to work longer later that evening. They tried to force us to work as much as we could. We sometimes finished the required work at midnight. This type of slave labour lasted a very long time. Because of lack of time allowed for eating, we often couldn't finish the food in our bowls before we had to return to work. We didn't have time to rest and didn't have any freedom. We could only work, and that was the only thing on our minds.

On the 22nd of June, 2003, local police abducted Gao Rongrong, a former employee at Luxun Institute of Fine Arts in Shenyang City, while she was in front of her home. They took her to the Longshan Forced Labour Camp. Because she persisted in practising Falun Gong and refused to "reform," at 3 p.m. on May 7, 2004, Tang Yubao, the deputy head of Division 2 of the labour camp, Jiang Zhaohua, the team leader and others called her to the office and shocked her face with electric batons for seven hours, severely disfiguring her face. Not long before this incident, Tang Yubao and his accomplices tortured two practitioners, 52-year-old Wang Xiuyuan and 39-year-old Wang Hong, until they were at the brink of death. They died several days after being released.

After being shocked with electric batons for seven hours, Gao Rongrong jumped from the office window on the 2nd floor in an escape attempt. The doctor diagnosed that she sustained two pelvic fractures; her left leg was severely fractured and her right heel was broken. The perpetrators from the Longshan Forced Labour Camp sent her to the Shenyang Army General Hospital and later transferred her to Shenyang City Police Hospital. Ten days later, with repeated requests from Gao Rongrong's family, the perpetrators transferred her to Division 2 of the Orthopedics Department at No. 1 Hospital affiliated with the China Medical University in Shenyang City. This photograph was taken at that time.

Gao Rongrong: Today is May 25th, 2004. I am severely injured and am now at the second ward in the Orthopedics Department at No. 1 Hospital affiliated with the China Medical University. As I speak, four police officers are watching me from outside the door.

On October 5th, 2004, several Falun Gong practitioners successfully rescued Gao Rongrong who was being closely monitored at the hospital. Luo Gan, head of the central 610 Office personally arranged retaliation against the practitioners who were involved in the rescue. Under Luo Gan's orders, the Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee, the 610 Office, the Public Procuratorate, the police and other departments used all their resources in tapping into phone lines, identifying, monitoring, and following local Falun Dafa practitioners.

Practitioner Sun Shiyou who participated in the rescue was brutally tortured at Tiexi Criminal Police Division in the Shenyang City Police Department. They shocked his private parts with electric batons, and they also inserted long sewing needles under his fingernails. Mr. Sun's mother-in-law, his wife, and his sister-in-law are also currently detained in the brainwashing class at Zhangshi Forced Labour Camp.

On March 6th, 2005, Gao Rongrong was again abducted. On June 16th, an emaciated Gao Rongrong died in the emergency room of the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with China Medical University. After suffering two years of persecution, she had lost hearing in one ear and after her face was destroyed from seven hours of electric shock. According to statistics published on the Falun Dafa related website, Minghui/Clearwisdom, Gao Rongrong is the 54th Falun Gong practitioners to have been tortured to death in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. She recorded her final words in this videotape:

Gao Rongrong: Everyone in my family has suffered tremendously from this persecution. In fact, every Falun Gong practitioner over there [at the labour camp] and their families are constantly persecuted and treated inhumanely. We were not allowed to talk to each, other including to the inmates who monitor us; we were not allowed to meet with our families, and we were forced to do heavy labour. Practitioners, including those in their 50s, were forced to sit on narrow stools and worked incessantly, regardless of their physical condition. These treatments are inhumane. They treat Falun Gong practitioners, good people who practise Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, in such a way, without the least bit of conscience. They cruelly injure and torture us without any scruples. I am here, and I hope we can gain freedom. I hope kind-hearted people in the world can pay attention to this persecution of Falun Gong, started single-handedly by [former president] Jiang Zemin.

This blatant murder of Gao Rongrong, even after her facial disfigurement was reported worldwide, has shocked and angered the international community. It is seen as a blatant challenge to humanity. Falun Gong practitioners will continue to expose the ruthless persecution and reveal the truth as long as the persecution continues.

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