Policemen in Shijiazhuang City, Illegally Kidnap and Torture Falun Dafa Practitioners

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On September 28 and 29 of 2001, six Falun Dafa practitioners and one family member of another practitioner were unlawfully abducted from Kaida Residential Community of Shijiazhuang City. They were: Shijiazhuang practitioner Yang Xiaojie and his wife Liu Runling, member of Hebei Province Writers' Association Zhao Lishan, former Hebei Province Meteorological Centre employee Zhang Shijun, former Shijiazhuang Storage and Transportation Company employee Lan Qizhi, and Chengde City practitioner Shi Yan. The family member was Zhang Lingjiang, and he is now being illegally detained inside Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre.

On the night of October 3, 2001, former Shijiazhuang Branch Railroad Transportation Bureau Assistant Supervisor Niu Mingang was forcibly taken away from his railroad dormitory (room #16) by the police, who later subjected him to brutal torture in hopes of extorting a confession. With a firm, righteous mind, he revealed nothing to the policemen. Police insiders even declared, "They [practitioners] have indeed endured great torment."

Detained practitioner Yang Xiaojie was forced to sit for seven days and seven nights on a metal bench (a torture where one is required to sit motionless for a long period of time) at the Penghou Street Police Substation in Shijiazhuang. At the Political Security Branch of Shijiazhuang Police Department, Chengde City practitioner Shi Yan was chained to a metal bench for one month. The police never contacted his family, and his situation was unknown until two months later in December, when a Falun Dafa practitioner confirmed Shi's illegal detention at Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre. One day after the abduction, policeman Tong Lijun of Pingquan County (practitioner Shi's hometown) told Shi's family, "His case is too big, and it has caught the attention of the police department. Don't even think about reuniting with him ever again unless he dies."

Practitioner Niu Mingang endured many forms of torture and was later sent to a brainwashing class. Unable to make him yield, the police then illegally sent him to Shijiazhuang Second Detention Centre. Practitioner Yang Xiaojie was removed from Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre and secretly confined at the Xinle City Detention Centre, Hebei Province. Reliable sources indicate that Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre banned family members from sending clothing and other necessities to detained practitioners. Practitioner Lan Qizhi's present state is still unclear.

Additionally, the above-mentioned detained practitioners were secretly transferred. Inside sources indicate they were charged and awaiting their "trial" verdicts.

To date, nine people have died from the persecution in the Shijiazhuang area: Tao Hongsheng (official of Hebei Security Office), Zhao Fengnian (Commerce Department official of Ershilipu Village, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City), Liu Rongxiu (Shijiazhuang Qingyuan Community resident), Liu Shusong (Hebei Medical University graduate), Li Zhishui (Resident of Shuangliushu Village, Hemujing Township, Xinji City, Shijiazhuang), Zuo Zhigang (Employee of a computer company on Zhongshan Road, Shijiazhuang City), Ding Gangzi (resident on East Street in Chengguan Township, Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City), Ding Yan (Shijiazhuang hair stylist), and Cao Fazhen (resident of Macen Village, Heishuihe Township, Yuanzhi County, Shijiazhuang City).

Almost 900 Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained at Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp, and 500 practitioners are still being detained there today. Former Hebei Deputy Governor Cong Fukui, former Deputy Director of the Hebei Provincial Office and the Director of Monitoring Office Yang Yiming, and former Hebei Secretarial Chief Wang Fuyou were all arrested in the past year. During their terms, many Falun Dafa practitioners were persecuted to death in Hebei Province. As of November 2001, more than twenty-nine people were tortured to death for their belief in "Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance)"!

The perpetrators' phone numbers:

1. Hebei Province Police Department
Deputy Chief Office: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2001
Vice Deputy Chief Office: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2004, 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2002, 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2005, 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2009.
2. Hebei Province Police Department -- Religious Activities Division (newly established department aimed at persecuting Falun Dafa, details are still under investigation)
Contact Office: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2013
First Division: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2310
Second Division: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2019
Third Division: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2013
Computer Lab: 86-311-3033941 Ext. 2312
3. Shijiazhuang City Police Department
Newly appointed vice chief of persecution Zhang Shixiu: 86-311-7026911 Ext. 3828 (W)
Police Department Complaint Office: 86-311-7023296
Serious Crimes Report Office: 86-311-7032524
4. Shijiazhuang Political Security Branch
Director Xiao Shuxiang: 86-311-7026911 Ext. 3761
Vice Director Ma Wensheng (main culprit for the murder of Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Shusong): 86-311-7026911 Ext. 3763 (W)
Assistant Director Deng Fang: 86-311-7026911 Ext. 386 (W)
5. Shijiazhuang City Political and Legal Committee Secretary Zhang Zhenjiang (New director for persecution)
Committee office phone: 86-311-6686357, 86-311-6033778
6. Hebei Province government complaint office address: 122 Weiming Street, Shijiazhuang City
Phone: 86-311-7904117, 86-311-7904119
7. Xinle City Detention Centre, Hebei Province: 86-311-8670015

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/28/18161.html

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