Israeli Practitioners Hold Press Conference in Front of the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv

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On January 14th, 2002, from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm, Israeli Falun Dafa practitioners gathered in front of the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv.

Due to the pressure of the Chinese embassy via the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tel Aviv police refused to give permits for holding peaceful appeals in front of the embassy. (It was later discovered that the law allows peaceful appeals by 50 people or less without any permit.) After two practitioners’ lengthy explanation, the police agreed to allow the practitioners only half an hour.

Practitioners arrived at the embassy at 2:00 pm. A photographer from the Jerusalem Post and a journalist from the local radio station covered the event.

The local radio interviewed Zion Xiong, an Israeli citizen whose sister, Wei Xiong, had been arrested a few days earlier in Beijing while clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa.

Leeshai Lemish, an Israeli-American practitioner who was arrested in Beijing last November for peacefully appealing on Tiananmen Square along with 35 other Falun Dafa practitioners from 12 countries, also attended the event.

During the radio interview, Zion and Leeshai each read their letter written to the Chinese ambassador and the embassy’s staff.

A few other practitioners later crossed the street to hand letters to the Chinese ambassador, but was told that the ambassador was in a meeting and would be available at 3:30 pm. Practitioners decided to wait until 3:30 pm. But when the time came, the ambassador still wasn’t willing to meet with the Falun Dafa practitioners. One embassy worker who looked like security staff screamed at the practitioners very impolitely.

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