Qiaoxi City Police Cruelly Torture and Humiliate Practitioners

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Wei Jikao, the Vice Political Secretary of the Hebei Province, Xingtai City, Qiaoxi Police Station, illegally arrested, detained and sent Falun Gong practitioners to forced labour camps. He instructed the police in the station to illegally search the practitioners' homes and demanded that "fines" be paid by practitioners' families. He collected about three thousand Yuan from each practitioner's family. He gathered a few hundred thousand Yuan in total. (The monthly salary of a typical urban assembly worker is about 500 Yuan.) He also took advantage by demanding other things from the practitioners' families and work units. He illegally tortured the practitioners, including the use of electric shock torture on the practitioners' spines. He instigated police to arrest the practitioners illegally. He promised his subordinates that there would be a one thousand Yuan bonus every time they arrested a practitioner.

The following are some of the facts of his evil deeds.
Wei Jikao rented a luxury room in the Mineral Resources Bureau Hotel. He stayed there, leading a group of brawny criminals as his thugs to torture Falun Gong practitioners.

At midnight January 6, 2001, they snuck into the residential buildings of the local Wireless Factory and arrested three female practitioners. They illegally searched their homes and seized truth-clarification materials. The next day they went to the residential buildings of the Defence Motor Factory and arrested a few practitioners. Five of them were female. Two were released immediately when the police collected a "fine" of four thousand Yuan. Another practitioner was released after five days' illegal detention when the police were paid five thousand Yuan. The families of the rest of the practitioners were too poor to pay the extortion however, so the police indefinitely detained them in the Xingtai City No. 2 Detention Centre.

Since January 6, from the Mineral Resources Bureau Hotel, people could hear the vicious police beating practitioners and their blood-curdling screams every night. Five or six police together tortured one practitioner. They pulled their hair and threw their heads against the wall. They used cigarette butts to burn them. One of the women had bruises, cuts and blisters from burning cigarettes all over her body. They forced a practitioner to stand in a tub full of snow in bare feet; then they burned her toes with cigarettes. They also forcibly stripped off her clothes and gave electric shocks to her private parts and nipples. As they slapped her face furiously, both her mouth and nose bled. The policemen illegally detained this practitioner in the Xingtai City No. 2 Detention Centre for four months. Later they illegally sent her to a forced labour camp in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City with a term of three years. Another female practitioner was having her period when she was arrested. The malicious cops kept giving electric shocks to her private parts and said ferociously, "I'll keep giving you electric shocks until you have massive bleeding." This practitioner was illegally sentenced to four years' imprisonment.

Another female practitioner refused to write the "Repentance Statement" even after getting many electric shocks. So the cops illegally sent her to the Xingtai City No. 2 Detention Centre with an indefinite term. There she was even more cruelly tortured. She lost consciousness four times, and her blood pressure tremendously increased when she regained her consciousness. She was in a trance and she felt stiff in her limbs. Finally she was released, but only after the police extorted a "fine" of three-thousand Yuan from her family. Her family was not rich in the first place, now they have a huge debt. Another male practitioner was illegally detained for four months. The cops also tortured him. He was released after paying a "fine" of two-thousand Yuan.

The police arrested a female practitioner before the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, the police took her out from the No. 2 Detention Centre and brought her to the Mineral Resources Bureau Hotel. They put a chair on her chest so that she couldn't move, and a big, strong guy then sat on the chair. The cops gave electric shocks to her inner thighs, her back, and her lower abdomen. The places that got the shocks turned black and had a lot of black blisters. They pulled her hair and hit her head against the wall. They also kicked her lower back and her buttocks. They claimed, "We'll beat you to death, and then we'll say you committed suicide." They tortured her for two whole days. The inhumane torture made her short of breath all the time and she couldn't go to sleep at night.

The above is just part of the evil committed by the vicious police led by Wei Jikao, the Vice Political Secretary of the Hebei Province Xingtai City Qiaoxi Police Station.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/2/6/18461.html

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