Middle and Elementary School Survey Kept Confidential To Hide Officials' Guilty Consciences

Around 4 p.m. on October 20th, 2005, all middle and elementary schools in Wu'an City, Hebei Province, abruptly organised their students to complete a survey about Falun Gong. Lawless officials marked the surveys "Confidential: Keep Private" to conceal their guilty consciences. There was no official seal or organisation's name on any of the documents.

The surveys were printed with letterpress printing. Some of the questions required the students to give personal information. Besides that, there were three propaganda questions designed to rouse young children to hate and commit crimes. The first question was about their attitude towards Falun Gong. The standard answer for the students to copy was given when the surveys were distributed. The second and the third questions were meant for young children who haven't understood the truth about reporting Falun Gong practitioners. The questions pressured the children to agree to report practitioners.

The survey was unexpected, and the teachers and students were unhappy about it. Some teachers told the students when they handed out the paper, "Don't fill in just anything. You can write 'I don't know' and that will do." Some students refused to go along with the exercise and tore up their surveys. Some teachers asked their students to copy the standard Party line for an answer. It was learned that every middle and elementary school was surveyed at almost the same time, and all the papers were taken away immediately afterwards. All this happened very hastily. Some principals weren't even aware that the survey had occurred. The details are under further investigation.

Feng Yunsheng, Director of Wu'an City Education Bureau

Wuji Town Middle School: 86-310-5786239

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2005/10/24/113040.html

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