Czech Republic: Seminar Condemning the CCP’s Domination

On the afternoon of October 3rd, 2005, a seminar entitled Without the World of Communism was held in the Parliament Mansion of the Czech Republic. Marek Benda, a member of the Czech Republic Party, presided over the seminar as host. Honoured guests, seven experts and well-known figures made speeches at the seminar. They included Steve Ispas on behalf of Epoch Times USA, Mr. Jan Rum, Chairman of the Czech Olympic Observation Association, Lord Francis Thurlow from the UK, Mr. Man-Yan, director of the German International Association of Human Rights, Mr. Peter Zvagulis, an award-winning reporter, Ms. Michaela Freiova, a reporter of the Christian Journal from Cretas and Mr. Petr Kutilek, the First Secretary of the Czech Olympic Organisation of Observation.

Since the end of the domination of the Communist Party, the Czech Republic has been developing very quickly in politics, economy and diplomacy and set a mirror for autarchies of the Communist Party peacefully entering the system of democracy. The Czech people who used to suffer from the rule of the Communist Party are sympathetic and concerned with the democracy and freedom of the Chinese people. Those who attended the seminar were politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, professors, former state prisoners, reporters and people interested in both Chinese history and culture.

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party offers the truth

Mr. Benda first introduced the Nine Commentaries to everybody and then his thoughts on reading them. He said, "The Nine Commentaries can give much help if you want to know the history of the Chinese Communist Party. Many books of the Nine Commentaries in Czech language are on the desks outside our auditorium. I have read them and they are well written. I hope that we will know more about the truth of China and be aware that the situation there is even worse through the seminar."

After reading the newly published Nine Commentaries in Czech, Mr. Benda enjoyed the contents revealed in the book. As Mr. Benda’s family used to be persecuted by the Communist Party and his father was locked up in prison as a state prisoner by the Communist Party, he was very supportive of the holding of the seminar. He said, “Anyone who pays attention to Human Rights and democracy should support such a seminar.”

The tide of quitting the Party is a movement of people’s spirit awakening

Mr. Ispas on behalf of Epoch Times made a speech with the impact of the Nine Commentaries as a topic. He told everybody the background of the founding of the Epoch Times and the big tide of quitting the CCP among Chinese both home and abroad caused by the Nine Commentaries' publication. He said, “The big tide of quitting the CCP at present is a movement of Chinese people’ spirit awakening. With the denial of the nature of such a rule of the CCP, it is bound to bring about the awakening and consciousness of people’s spirit and morality.”

He went on to say, "The tide of quitting the CCP is the beginning of new historic era as well. It symbols that hundreds of millions of Chinese are abandoning their illusion of the CCP, calling for shaking off the autarchy and head towards the road of the awakening of morality. It declares the destruction of the CCP’s deceit and oppression of violence. It declares that the failure of the evil Communist ideology in China. It also declares the beginning of the biggest change and transformation of the society in human world. It is now changing both China and the world."

The rule of Communism is one of terrorism

In his speech, Mr. Jan Ruml, Chairman of the Czech Olympic Observation Association brought forward his opinion to the Olympic Games which will be held in Beijing in 2008. The Czech Olympic Observation Association has been superintending and condemning the CCPs trespassing on human rights

In his speech "Some Thoughts of Mine on the Chinese Government and Its Nature”, he mentioned, “From our experience, the rule of Communism is terrorism. It has already made thousands upon thousands of people lose their lives. The Tiananmen Massacre, the suppression of Falun Gong etc all have proved to be examples of its terrorist rule. That the Communist Party assumes the reins of government and rules depends entirely on carrying on terrorism, spreading lies and using tricks of deceit. The CCP’s theory is so empty that the Chinese Government is using nationalism to fill it in. If the embargo of weapons to the Chinese State is rescinded that will create a threat to world peace.”

Mr. Ruml especially emphasised, “The condemnation from international societies of the CCP’s autarchic rule hasn’t gathered a enough power. We are amenable to encourage the democratic movement in China in order to make people in China have their human rights respected and make the Chinese people whose freedom in belief and speech can be ensured.”

Worried about Beijing holding the Olympic Games

Mr. Petr Kutilek, the first Secretary of the Czech Olympic Organisation of Observation made a speech entitled “Trespassing on freedom in both speech and belief and holding the Olympic Games in 2008” as a topic. In view of the present condition of human rights in China which the Olympic Organisation of Observation has observed, Mr. Kutilek expressed his worries that Beijing will hold the Olympic Games in 2008.

In his speech he said, “China has already become an imperialist country which we were already aware of when voting for the country who would hold the Olympic Games in 2008 four years ago. The representative of China then promised that they would improve the condition of human rights and the Chinese people would have freedom of speech. Now it seems that all of what the representatives of China said are lies in order to get the right of holding the Olympic Games. The condition of Human Rights in China is still too bad.”

Mr. Kutilek mentioned that the UN Organisation of Sports Committees organised an investigation group to go to China a year and half ago. According to a papers submitted by all international organisations of human rights, the CCP has cruelly suppressed Falun Gong because it takes it as its biggest threat. It has locked up and driven out reporters. It has threatened Taiwan and Burma by using military options. It has the highest record of the death penalty in the world. It has dismantled and moved people’s property. It has used violence to those who have appealed to the higher authorities for help etc. The investigation group brought forward their request that China should ensure human rights. “We have been interrogating the Olympic Committee: Doesn’t allowing Beijing to hold the Olympic Games in 2008 mean that the right of holding the Olympic Games has been handed to the CCP who is a very big threat to the peace of the world? We are hoping that everybody, together with us, will monitor the condition of human rights in China and compel the Chinese Government to give freedom to the Chinese people.”

During the seminar, Jaromir Stetina, member of the Czech parliament, travel weary, rushed to the meeting place. He expressed that he was supportive of the seminar and was grateful for all honoured guests participating in the seminar.

In his short speech he said, “I went to China for a visit in 1959 when I was a young man. At that time, the song “Socialism is good” could be heard everywhere and people were also singing “Socialism is good” for us. Later on, I got to know that it was to the sound of those songs of “Socialism is good” that a great number of people were starved to death in China. From then on, I have known that the Communist Party is very good at cheating. They have produced figures in order to deceive its people.”

Question Marks over human rights in China

Lord Frances Thurlow from the UK expressed great appreciation for the Czech people having overthrown the rule of the Communist Party and peacefully got democracy and freedom for themselves. He recalled his own experience: "Twenty years ago, in order to escape from the Communist Party’s reign of terror, a Czech high diplomat asked him for help so that his application for political asylum could be granted by the UK Government. He reminded everybody that we should help those still living under the authority of the Communist Party break away from the rule of the Communist Party."

He mentioned that the Nine Commentaries is of great, referential value to western countries and international foreign affairs. He said, “Two important reasons can’t be neglected: one is that both the economy and political influence of the CCP are constantly extending to the world and the other one is that the CCP is an untrustworthy cooperative partner. Only by seeing through the nature and characteristic of the CCP, can you not be deceived and fooled by its falsehoods.” As Chairman of the European League, the Prime Minister of the UK told a reporter when ending his visit to China “I have many questions to ask about the problem of human rights in China”, which was a polite way of saying that problems in China are very bad.

Lord Thurlow exhorted people “not to have any conceit regarding the CCP. Placing your hope on the CCP is same as a leopard’s skin without spots.”

Quitting the CCP has become a part of China

Having been doing the research about the CCP’s evil theory for years, Mr. Peter Zwagulis, who has experienced the time of terror under the rule of the Communist Party, analysed the CCP’s evil nature and ludicrous means of ruling. His topic was “China and the Chinese Communist Party”.

He said, “No matter which country it is, the Communist Party’s rule is sure to control everything and trespasses on human rights and force people to give in using violence. The CCP has behaved even worse. It has used sly means of deceit and destroyed, first of all, Chinese traditional morality. The CCP is not equal to China.”

He thought that the government of China must be reorganised thoroughly. What is the most urgent at the moment is to stop suppressing those who have different beliefs. He hoped that the Chinese people would "get rid of their mentality of fear, believe in the power of justice and actively rise up resisting the illegal rule of the CCP. Those Party members should quit the CCP, become a part of China, not a part of the CCP.”

Mr. Zvagulis is a reporter who has experience of international affairs for fifteen years. He used to be the editor in chief of Freedom of Asia Radio Station of the Latvia Broadcasting Company. Now he is the representative of the Latvia Public TV Station in Prague and making speeches in many Universities.

The principle of the CCP is to seize power, come into power and defend its power

In his speech on “The economy of China and Human Rights”, Mr. Man-Yan, director of the German International Association of Human Rights compared different periods of history in China when the economy then was powerful and disclosed the falsehood of the prosperity and markets of China now.

He pointed out, “Since the Communist Party seized power in China, it has started political movements again and again using the finance and manpower of China. Forty million Chinese people starved to death during the big famine. The Great Cultural Revolutionary Movement nearly destroyed the economy of China and the economy redeveloped by laborious Chinese people. The present economic prosperity is compared with the economy destroyed by the CCP.

Mr. Man-Yan’s content of speech and analysis of figures made those participating in the seminar very much interested in the economy and condition of human rights in China. One after another, they raised their hands and asked him all kinds of related questions. Other speakers were very much interested in offering compliments.

As soon as an audience raised a question of “Whether or not such a good seminar can be held either in China or North Korea”, a part of the audience immediately denied the possibility because people living in countries under the rule of the Communist Party have no freedom but violence and deceit. Mr. Man-Yan reminded everybody: “The principle of the CCP is to seize power, come into power and defend its power. Therefore, they are bound to carry on violence, brainwashing and blanking off information. Even if we are holding such a seminar in a democratic country, the representative overseas sent by the CCP still come out to make trouble. So, they will never allow such a seminar to be held in any places under its rule.”

Mr. Benda, member of the Czech parliament also the moderator, added with sense of humour: “If we go to China with such a purpose, even if we can enter the country, we will be unable to come out.

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