Norway: People Learn about Falun Gong on a Mountain Top in Stavanger

By now we have had the ability to practise together twice a week in Stavanger. When we meet at the practice sites we usually do the five Falun Gong exercises and there has been less time to study Falun Gong together. To get some more time together and to give priority to the three things Master has told us to do, we have now rented a community house for use on Sundays four hours each week. Here, old and new practitioners meet with their families and children. New practitioners get the opportunity to read articles, listen to Master Li’s lectures and watch the introductory video. In the future we will organise a Minghui-school for the children.

The gatherings on Sundays have just started, and the activities we want to do are not yet settled. However we can already feel a change, it is now easier to do Falun Gong activities.

On a Sunday at the beginning of October, we decided to go for a walk to Dalsnuten, a mountain in Stavanger. The purpose was to hike up the mountain and show hikers in the Stavanger area the five Falun Gong exercises. The weather forecast wasn’t good and early that morning the rain was pouring down, but the weather ;later turned out fine. On the top of the mountain we placed some posters about Falun Gong and the persecution in China. Nearby, four to five practitioners started doing the exercises. One practitioner handed out fliers to the hikers. Some of the hikers thought it was strange doing exercises on top of a mountain, but the feedback was positive and many people took the opportunity to study the posters closely.

It was a successful hike, where both practitioners and their families felt they had a precious opportunity when hiking up the mountain. Additionally more people had got to learn about Falun Gong on top of a mountain on their Sunday hike. After this hike we have been thinking that such activities could be greater if we were to include the families of the practitioners as well.

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