Austria: Exposing the Persecution of Falun Gong to the People of Vienna and Linz

We organised two Falun Gong information days in the Austrian cities of Vienna and Linz in the past two weeks. In Vienna we had the opportunity to speak with a former Federal Chancellor. We told him in detail about the inhuman persecution in China and gave him lots of information before he left. Of most interest to passersby was our poster exhibition, which recounted the Falun Gong story and the persecution practitioners of Falun Gong suffer in China.

One lady was deeply shocked when she heard about the inhuman persecution in China. She told us that she considered all the things we were doing of the greatest importance and before leaving signed every one of our petitions. A gentleman who stopped at our booth watched the Falun Gong exercises and smiled. One of the practitioners asked him if he would like to take a newspaper and more information about the persecution of Falun Gong. Without moving his eyes from the practitioner he took the newspaper and said, “This looks so peaceful and beautiful. What a surprise to find something that exudes such peace in today’s hectic environment.” He stayed for a little longer with us and finally moved on with a happy smile on his face. An elderly lady, who experienced as a child the time when National Socialism reigned in Austria, showed deep concern and shock at the persecution of practitioners in China. She said, “In China it is exactly what happened here sixty years ago, at that time defenceless and innocent people were arrested and no one could help them.” Before leaving the booth, she wished the practitioners all the best.

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