Spain: The Person in Charge of Human Rights at the Argentinian Embassy to Spain States that Upholding Human Rights Underpins Argentina's Democracy

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On December 20th, the Spanish Falun Gong Association came to the Argentinian Embassy. They brought letters to the Embassy and asked the Argentinian government not to submit to the CCP’s despotic power, uphold justice, investigate the hoodlum's legal responsibility and trace the culprits. On the 14th of December, Luo Gan, one of the prime culprits of the persecution, was visiting Argentina and the CCP sent gangsters to beat the peaceful Falun Gong practitioners.

The Ambassador was not available and Mr Eduardo who was in charge of human rights, met Falun Gong practitioners. After he understood the entire process, he was astonished and said, ‘Argentina is a democratic country and upholding Human Rights is our first priority.’ Mr Eduardo expressed clearly, ‘I’ll support you and I’ll send out all the letters and other material to the Ministry of the Interior as well as the presidential palace immediately. Some other material such as the books and videos and audio evidence would be taken back by the Ambassador and handed to the president himself over Christmas.’

Mr Eduardo also said that he would give more care and attention to this incident.

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