Turkey: People Strongly Condemn the Rape of Female Falun Gong Practitioners by CCP Police

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After the event of the Chinese Communist Party’s wicked police raping two middle aged female Falun Gong practitioners being exposed to the public, Falun Gong practitioners from all over the world have held protest activities at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their countries. The Turkish Falun Gong practitioners also told the local Turkish people about this conduct carried out by the Chinese police.
On November the 25th, 2005, a policeman named He Xuejian from Dongchengfang Town Police Station in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, raped Falun Gong practitioner Ms Liu Jizhi (51-year-old) and Ms Han Yuzhi (42-year-old) in the presence of another policeman during the course of illegal detention and interrogation.

After hearing this appalling incident of rape of two middle aged women Falun Gong practitioners by the policeman trained by the CCP, the Turkish people, especially Turkish women, were extremely angry, and commented:

"Wild animals!"
"Devil! Did he receive punishment! ? "
"Put him to death by hanging "
" Natural justice is not allowed!"
"This violates human rights."
"This is a hoodlum government!"
"It is no use if the economy develops without the improvement of morality"

They are now very concerned of the fate of Liu Jizhi and Han Yuzhi. When hearing that Han Yuzhi had to leave home and run away, some of them were in tears.

Falun Gong practitioners told people that Falun Gong has suffered a six years barbaric persecution, at least 2790 practitioners have been persecuted to death. The incident is not at all an isolated case, nor is it simply a matter of the police quality. The reason that the policeman's act of violence took place is because the CCP backs it up and instigates it. The police act of violence was closely related to the CCP policies that encourage the committing of crimes that cover up and reward criminal behaviour, and connives with and appeases criminals.

A Turkish gentleman associated this case with the massacre in 1989 in China, when the CCP’s tanks crushed students to death. He thought the Chinese Communist Party is a terrorist organisation.

A Turkish woman said her husband once was an early member of the Turkish Communist Party, the whole family did not like what he did and he was frequently arrested by the government. Afterwards the government banned the Communist Party. Now in society there are still a minority sympathetic to Communism, but they have no influence in society.

Some people added that the Middle East Communist camp has already disintegrated; the Chinese Communist Party is also facing disintegration. This is a necessity for future world peace.

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