Turkey: New Practitioners in the Second Group Fa-Study Class at Ankara

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On December 21st, 2005, veteran and new Falun Gong practitioners in Ankara celebrated the second group Fa study class. Among the fourteen participants, many have just began cultivating, some began only two weeks before.

After watching a VCD entitled Falun Dafa Is Spread Around the World in Turkish, some practitioners were moved to tears. Some understood more clearly the deeper meaning of Falun Gong. Practitioners veteran or new shared their own experiences at various levels. New practitioners’ enthusiasm was much boosted. Practitioners who had attained the Fa recently and had not been diligent realised the importance of reading the book. They corrected their understanding by overcoming the barrier of religious concepts. Everyday practitioners gathered to study the Fa (Principles of Falun Dafa) for one hour, exercised for one hour, and shared experiences for one hour. When veterans talked about gaining better health and more tolerant mindset through cultivation, a new Turkish practitioner said emotionally, “Wish all women in the middle-east would learn Falun Gong."

A new practitioner said, “I was deeply moved in September after watching Falun Gong introduction programmes at Mersin Festival. Practitioners in the TV programme were so peaceful and quiet and the music was so beautiful. Unfortunately I did not take down the contact phone number at the time. I had been looking for this ever since then and asked everyone I came across. Coincidentally I held a party at home last week when one of the friends brought along a Falun Gong practitioner. I learned the exercises on the spot. For inexplicable reasons I believe in Falun Gong very much. Having gone to the East to worship Buddha, I followed the Dalai Lama into Tibet to seek the root of the human race, I did not realise until today that Falun Gong is the true Fa that I have been looking for all my life! I sincerely hope to be able to attend a Fa conference in the US to meet the Master.”

Another middle-aged lady who just attained the Fa said, “I have read most parts of Zhuan Falun [the main text of Falun Dafa]. The biggest difference between Falun Gong and other similar eastern cultivation methods is that Falun Gong pays special attention to cultivating the mind, which in my opinion is the most correct. I read for only one hour last week during a class and practiced only one set of exercises. Surprisingly the next morning a great deal of purplish-blue stuff came out of my body. I was stunned by such an instant miracle that Dafa bestowed upon me. Deeply attracted by the laws, I immediately copied the precious book. Not willing to put down the book, I would read it earnestly during breaks at work. Being some sort of a puritan, I have always felt that I do not fit into this world. I have always been looking for the truth of the universe as if I was a nun or a priest in my prior life.”

She raised many questions, to which a veteran answered, “Why don’t you continue to read Zhuan Falun. When you finish, I will give you Master’s other lectures from which you will have new discoveries.”

When doing the second exercise, the standing meditation, a practitioner noticed tears in her eyes when correcting her movements. The practitioner encouraged her with a smile and told her that many veterans shared her feelings. She looked like a lost lamb having found her way home.

Another new practitioner who obtained a brief introduction to Falun Gong from a practitioner half a year before started cultivating a month ago. She said, “I believe in the authenticity of these materials. I also want to practice Falun Gong. I have not understood why I have suffered all my life without finding directions. When I saw that the practitioners would tolerate anyone, I felt it is good to practice Falun Gong.” On the third day that she participated in group Fa study and exercises, a pain in her right chest, which had bothered her for over a year, miraculously disappeared. For the first time in more than a year she could fall asleep on her right side. A stiff spot in her abdomen was also softened.

Another elderly lady said, “I have always been slow in climbing stairs, feeling out of breath. After reading only one lecture and practicing one set of exercises with the group the other day, I seemed a completely different person that week. When my husband and I were getting ready to cross the pedestrian overhead bridge in the city centre, I was not afraid of the stairs at all like I would normally. Briskly I ascend the stairs like a butterfly. My husband, who fell behind, was surprised at my change and wondered if it had something to do with my learning Falun Gong. I told him yes. My left arm, which has always been painful and numb, is no longer. What a miracle! This is why I am here again today. I have been attending the class on and off for four days.”

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