Getting My Job Back With Righteous Thoughts and Actions

More than two months ago I was transferred back to a job I had lost due to Jiang Zemin and his group's persecution of Falun Gong. I deeply feel that when sentient beings have learnt the truth, they will repay Falun Dafa practitioners for letting them know the truth.

Someone told me that, during a discussion of personnel transfers, some people were trying to put me down by saying that I practised Falun Gong and that I exposed the persecution everywhere. Nevertheless, I was chosen from among candidates who had connections and the backing of their superiors and from among those who have greater skills only because of the whole-hearted backing of several conscionable officials at my work unit. I learnt that the officials who supported me were the ones who changed their minds after I had clarified the truth to them on many occasions. They learnt the truth and were blessed with promotions. With power in their hands, they sided with justice and spoke out for Falun Dafa practitioners on the issue of personnel transfers.

I clearly realised that a superior job should present better conditions for me to validate Falun Dafa and should not become a barrier in my efforts to expose the persecution. I saw groups of sentient beings form a bond with me during work, and they are waiting for me to rescue them. Of course, validating Falun Dafa also includes doing well the work we are responsible for in ordinary society. When I rationally gave up human notions and clarified the truth with wisdom, all conflicts at work dissolved and my ability showed itself. Soon, the Human Resource Department told me I would receive a promotion.

When I look back at the path I have walked, from losing my job, to being assigned an unsatisfactory job, and to being transferred back to my original job, I have gained some understandings that I want to share with fellow practitioners.

Leaving a detention centre with the power of righteous thoughts

In late 2001, practitioner A was arrested. She betrayed me because she didn't have strong righteous thoughts. The deputy head of the police department and several other officials took turns interrogating me, but they could not get anything from me, so they could not proceed. The authorities clung to practitioner A because she provided a lot of information.

Three weeks later I spoke with practitioner B, who had been arrested for making Falun Dafa related materials. I said, "We firmly believe in Master. We can break out if we have strong righteous thoughts. We have to spend Chinese New Year at home!" Right after I finished the last sentence I heard my name being called outside the metal gate. I thought they were going to interrogate me again. The guard said to me in a loud voice, "Pack your things and go home." Practitioner B also broke free with the power of righteous thoughts before the Chinese New Year.

The days I was jobless

After my family bailed me out of the detention centre, I lost my job. My employer sent me back to my hometown and told my parents to monitor me. I realised it was not a coincidence that I was sent back to my hometown. There were relatively few Falun Dafa practitioners there, and I needed to step forward to rescue sentient beings.

I saved the money my parents gave me and bought a printer. I downloaded articles from a Falun Dafa website and then edited a leaflet to expose the persecution and printed out some copies. I took to the streets to hand out the flyers. I accumulated some experience in establishing and maintaining a Falun Dafa materials production site.

After staying in my hometown for more than one year, I wanted to return to my old work unit. The evil should not be given the power to threaten me with my job and coerce me to give up my righteous belief in Falun Dafa. Not long after, I received a phone call from my original work unit and was told that it was impossible for me to work at a government bureau, but that I would be assigned to a subordinate work unit. I said, "Why is it that a Falun Dafa practitioner with good skills and good moral character like me is not allowed to work at a government bureau?" Although I was unhappy with the work assignment, my parents were excited because they could again tell their relatives and friends that their daughter was going back to work.

Making diligent progress together and improving as a whole body

After my job became steady, I bought a fax/copying machine to copy factual materials about Falun Gong and the persecution. I saved some money and bought a notebook computer and another printer and printed high-quality materials. Because I was one of the young Falun Dafa practitioners in the area who had never been sent to a forced labour camp, the authorities were paying close attention. Out of safety considerations I didn't want to build a materials production site at my home. I was "self-reliant" in that I only printed enough materials to hand out on my own. I gave some materials to a few practitioners I thought were "absolutely reliable."

I noticed that there were quite a few practitioners near my home. The government agents were watching us. The other practitioners didn't have the courage to step forward and expose the persecution. As Fa rectification rapidly pushed forward, I realised that each practitioner who stepped forward early had the responsibility of helping other practitioners who were fearful to come out and clarify the truth to rescue sentient beings. I no longer emphasised "absolutely reliable" and gave truth clarification materials to any practitioner who showed righteous thoughts. I encouraged other practitioners to pull together, to clarify the truth, and to correct the surrounding environment. Quickly, my home became a materials production site and the demand often exceeded the supply.

Through the joint efforts of all practitioners, the environment improved significantly. The security officers ignored truth clarification materials and people were happy to learn the truth. One official glared at me and tried to take advantage of my gaps. One day he went to the head of the 610 Office1 and told him that I was responsible for all of the flyers in the surrounding area and said he would report me to the police. The head of the 610 Office said, "Don't make random accusations without any solid evidence. She has done well!"

I dissolved the time bombs of potentially tremendous tribulations with the power of righteous thoughts. When I was in the heat of battle against the evil, when I completely devoted myself to rescuing sentient beings, I no longer thought about when I would be transferred back to the government bureau where I would receive benefits and the work was light. I then received the order to return to the bureau. I think when people have learnt the truth, they will repay Falun Dafa practitioners for rescuing them.

This is the first time I have written down my cultivation experience. Please benevolently point out anything inappropriate. Heshi.


1. The 610 office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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