Sweden: Practitioners from Sweden, Finland and Norway Gather in Gothenburg to Share Cultivation Experiences and Celebrate the New Year

Between December 29th 2005 and January 1st 2006, practitioners from Sweden, Finland and Norway gathered in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg, where Master Li spread Falun Gong in Sweden for the first time ten years ago, to study, share cultivation experiences and celebrate the New Year.

Practitioners extend New Year greetings to Master Li together.

In the evening, after studying Master Li’s latest articles and practising the exercises outdoors, the practitioners exchanged their experiences about exposing the persecution as well as about personal cultivation.

Practitioners practising the exercises together Practitioners studying the principles of Falun Dafa together

On December 30th, a small-scale conference was held, in which seven practitioners shared their personal understandings and experiences of explaining the facts about the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong to Chinese people and local residents.

Young practitioners’ performance before the conference Experience-sharing by two Finnish practitioners Experience-sharing by a Swedish practitioner
On the evening of December 31st, a small-scale New Year Celebration was held, in which two Swedish practitioners performed music that they had composed themselves. A practitioner also introduced two paintings exhibited in the Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Art Exhibition and the celebration concluded with a song sung by the European Falun Gong Choir.

Introduction of paintings from the Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Art Exhibition Swedish practitioners perform some of their own music

Performance by the European Falun Gong Choir Practitioners and children enjoying the performance

At the experience sharing session held on January 1st, some veteran practitioners who listened to Master Li’s lectures in person ten years ago at the same place were excited and still vividly remembered the magnificent occasion. In addition to talking about their experiences of going to mainland China several times before 1999 to study and exchange experiences with practitioners there, they also reminisced about the splendid scene of practising Falun Gong exercises together with more than ten thousand practitioners in China. They were all firmly convinced that as long as we are able to cultivate ourselves diligently together and thoroughly expose the facts about the lies and brutal persecution committed by the Chinese Communist regime, all the world’s people will understand the facts and the persecution will eventually be ended.

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