Norway: Practitioners Read Announcement by the Falun Gong Association at the Chinese Embassy

Also expose the rape of two female Falun Gong practitioners by a Chinese police officer
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On October 9th 2005, the Falun Gong Association published an announcement warning people not to participate in the Chinese Communistic regime's persecution of Falun Gong and to stop participating in the persecution and doing bad deeds.

The announcement says, "From today on, overseas Falun Gong practitioners will file civil or criminal lawsuits against all important government or CCP officials who participate in or continue to implement the persecution of Falun Gong and as a result, commit new crimes in addition to those they have already perpetrated against Falun Gong." This also includes the officers in the Chinese Embassies and Consulates.

The practitioners in Norway read this announcement in Chinese and Norwegian in front of the Chinese Embassy in Oslo on December 10th 2005, International Human Rights Day. The practitioners wanted to make the workers at the Embassy aware of this announcement and to advise them not to do bad deeds. After reading the announcement, the practitioner delivered the announcement to the Embassy.

A practitioner reads the Falun Gong Association announcement at the Chinese Embassy The announcement is delivered to the Chinese Embassy

At the same time, practitioners in Norway also exposed the recent news of two female Falun Gong practitioners, aged forty two and fifty one, who were raped under interrogation by a Chinese policeman. The misdeeds were carried out in the police station in Dongchengfang City in Tunzhou in Hebei Province.

One of the women, whose name is Liu Jizhi, is both a wife and mother, and she said that she wanted to talk about the episode in order to expose the brutality of the persecution of Falun Gong. She was kidnapped by several policemen at night on November 24th and taken to the police station in Dongchengfang City, where she was beaten, shocked with electric batons on her breasts and raped by a policeman while another policeman lay on the bed beside and looked on without doing anything.

By exposing this episode, the woman is in danger of facing further persecution, because the criminals do not wish such information to leak out to the world.

This is an inhuman act and the practitioners hope that the Norwegian people and the international community will wake up and acknowledge the evil persecution that Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party carry out, and demand that China stops the persecution at once.

The practitioners appealed on behalf of the two female Falun Gong practitioners that were raped by a Chinese policeman during interrogation.

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