United States: Falun Gong Practitioners in Houston, Texas Condemn CCP Violence and Criminal Activities

At noon on February 10th, Houston Falun Gong practitioners and staff members of the Epoch Times rallied in front of the Chinese Consulate to condemn the assault on Dr. Yuan Li, an Atlanta practitioner and the Chief Technical expert of the Epoch Times, by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thugs.

At noon on February 8th, practitioner Yuan Li was in his Atlanta home alone when he was brutally assaulted by CCP thugs. They wrapped Mr. Li up in a blanket, attempting to suffocate him. They used duct tape to cover his mouth, eyes, and ears, and an extension cord to tie up his arms and legs, then beat him severely about the head and face. Half of an hour later, they left with Mr. Li's two laptop computers and some documents. After his neighbour called 911, Mr. Li was sent to the hospital and the wounds on his face required 15 stitches. The assault is now believed to be yet another case of CCP intelligence operatives trying to suppress overseas practitioners using gangster measures.

During the rally, representatives of the practitioners and staff members of the Epoch Times gave speeches. They strongly condemned the CCP's violence and called on the public and government to apprehend the criminals behind the assault. Meanwhile, they also called on the international community to jointly resist the CCP's infiltration overseas and stop the terrorist activities of the regime.

A practitioner said: "This assault is a threat to practitioners' personal safety and clearly shows that CCP is desperate as it approaches its doom. However, such activities can only speed up its destruction. We will continue to widely expose the CCP's crimes to the public.

Reporters for the Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV and the World Daily reported on the rally. In addition, mainstream media has paid a lot of attention to the assault of Dr. Li. On February 9th, many media outlets, including the Radio Free Asia, AP, World Daily, Channel 2, Fox 5, Gwinnett News TV and the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported the assault. On February 8, the Office of Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss also contacted Dr. Li to express concern.

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