United States: Students Outraged At Peter Li's Beating and Robbery by CCP Agents

An American teacher is interested in promoting a new China free of the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and tries to inform young Americans about the vicious persecution Falun Gong practitioners have experienced in China and abroad for over six years.

US students' righteous signatures

Because the beating of Peter Li (alleged to have been instigated by thugs employed by the Communist regime in the USA) took place in Atlanta, this teacher used it to let students in a high school physics class learn the truth about the wicked behind-the-scenes abuse of America's freedom perpetrated by the CCP agents. While teaching the students about how to prepare for life beyond high school, this teacher was able to use the examples of Peter Li and the persecution of Falun Gong to show the students that they must maintain their moral principles and stand firm in the face of anyone trying to corrupt them.

A story about Peter Li's beating was posted on the bulletin board for the students to read and a sheet was provided for them to sign their initials expressing their revulsion at the CCP's alleged beating of an American in his own country. All of the students were shocked that an evil regime would commit terrorist acts that suppress freedom of expression and belief on American soil, but due to their knowledge of history, they were not surprised at the shameless and cruel tactics of the Chinese Communist Party.

The words on the signature collection sheet: "We are young Americans who learned about the beating and robbery inflicted on Mr. Peter Li by the Communist Party and we place our initials in protest that such criminality could take place in our country."

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