Chinese Communist Party Spy Fan Yanyu Exposes Her Evil Nature

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On January 20th, the Falun Dafa related Minghui/Clearwisdom website carried an announcement advising practitioners to no longer contact Chinese Communist Party (CCP) special agents Zhong Zheng and Fan Yanyu. While Zhong disappeared after the announcement, Fan is still spreading rumours and claiming she has been wronged. At the same time, Fan continues to attack the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and tries to deceive Falun Gong practitioners and other people in China.

Although many practitioners around Fan were aware of her background and problems, they treated her with compassion and hoped that she would change. She pretended to take an active role in practitioners' activities, yet did not act like a true cultivator. Falun Dafa is compassionate toward every sentient being, regardless of their jobs and backgrounds. Fan was given many opportunities to change her ways. However she refused to change, even after such a long time passed. She created many conflicts among the Falun Gong practitioners in England, which resulted in a great loss.

When she could no longer stay in England, Fan fled to the U.S. Although many practitioners were aware of her problems, they kindly provided her with room, board and other things. However, Fan took advantage of practitioners' kindness and continued to harm practitioners' activities. During the Gala held by the NTDTV, the CCP ordered Fan to take part in a dancing group. She borrowed the cell phone of practitioners and tinkered with them (most likely installing devices to monitor calls) and stole some stage props. She passed information to the CCP in China allowing officials there to confiscate costumes the dance group had ordered from a place in China.

Besides practitioners knowing of her spy status, U.S. and English intelligence agencies also knew her true identity. The FBI and England's intelligence agency have a long list of Chinese special agents and often intercept the information they send to China. They informed practitioners of Fan's identity as a spy for the CCP.

Fan refused to change, so Minghui had no choice but to publish the notice, informing practitioners of her true identity and limiting her ability to do more harm. This action came as a result of Fan's activities. She did not cherish the opportunities Dafa gave her and she persists even today in harming practitioners. The notice protects practitioners as a whole and prevents Fan from committing greater sins. However, Fan got angry and sought revenge. She claimed that she had been wronged, trying to win the trust of those who didn't know the truth, while she wrote materials slandering Minghui. She spread these materials, trying to deceive people and instigate conflicts, and continued her special agent activities.

However, no matter how "active" she pretends to be in Falun Gong activities and how often she claims to be a practitioner, she forgets a basic point, "A true cultivator knows the requirements of cultivation and cultivates one's heart." Has Fan ever cultivated? Why does she repeatedly instigate conflicts among practitioners and provide information to the CCP? She lied saying that she had worked for Minghui for quite some time and had heard conversations among Minghui editors, but these lies could not deceive real practitioners. A special agent could never be allowed to participate in the important work at Minghui.

Even an ordinary person who can distinguish right from wrong would recognise that a real practitioner would not attack Minghui, a website dedicated to spreading the truth of Falun Gong, a website that is feared by the persecutors. Minghui has gone through much trouble collecting first hand information about the persecution, yet Fan labelled it as a "demon's den." How could a practitioner say this? The attack on Minghui is undoubtedly a CCP tactic. Fan's reactions clearly expose her true identity.

Fan knows that if she openly attacked the founder of Falun Gong, Teacher Li, practitioners would have seen through her immediately. So she rampantly attacks Minghui, trying to instigate conflicts. However, she could never really harm Minghui. If Minghui had a big problem, why did our Teacher continue to publish articles on this website? Teacher Li also said,

"It's not that the Minghui website is never wrong, but when it comes to major issues, you must look at Minghui's stance. When I published my picture and 'The Knowing Heart' on the Minghui website, the purpose was to establish a credible website for you."

Isn't anyone who attacks Minghui a participant in the CCP persecution?

Fan should know that Falun Dafa has both compassion and mighty power. Every being will pay for the sins they have committed. If Fan continues to act as a tool of the CCP, spreading rumours, instigating conflicts and doing harm among practitioners, she will bring to herself terrible harm. With more than eight million people renouncing CCP, the CCP will not be able to save itself, let alone collaborators. The fate that awaits CCP special agents should be a warning to her. Like everyone else, Fan will choose her own path of life.

* * *

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