United Kingdom: Support for Relay Hunger Strike Condemning an Attack on Dr Li Yuan by Suspected CCP Agents

On February 18th, 2006, some British Falun Gong practitioners participated in a global hunger strike relay against violent repression in St. Martin Square in the centre of London. They collected signatures condemning an attack on Dr. Li Yuan by suspected agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In the square, tourists and citizens came over to read the banners which read, "Global Hunger Strike Relay for Human Rights Movement" and "Supporting Eight Million Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party". They also looked at photos depicting the violation of human rights and persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP. Tourists and passers-by signed their names on a petition to show support for ending the persecution after they understood the evil nature of the CCP, the truth about its trampling on human rights and the persecution of Falun Gong.

In an interview with Clearharmony, Ms. Lu, one of the organisers of this activity, said that "the purpose of this activity is to express support for the global hunger strike relay initiated by lawyer Gao Zhisheng and to condemn the attack of Dr. Li Yuan by CCP agents. Furthermore, it is to call upon the kindhearted people in the whole world to pay close attention to the persecution of human rights that is taking place in China, to support lawyers of conscience and rights activists like Gao Zhisheng and condemn the savage acts of the CCP. In the 56 year-rule of the CCP, it has murdered more than 80 million Chinese people. Spiritually, it has totally destroyed the fine tradition and culture of the Chinese nation and cheated generations of Chinese people.”

And the lie still goes on, and the massacre has not stopped. It even exported its gangster behaviour abroad. An example is the recent attack by suspected CCP overseas agents of Dr. Li Yuan, Falun Gong practitioner and head of IT at the Epoch Times newspaper from Atlanta in the United States. Through such an activity, we hope to wake up the intuitive knowledge of a lot of the Chinese people possess, undo some of the harmful influence of the evil CCP culture, see clearly the evil nature of the CCP, bravely resign from the CCP and object to the CCP's tyranny. Without the CCP, China will be prosperous and powerful."

Mr. Li, a participant in the global hunger strike relay said, "Anyone who has a conscience and a sense of justice should step forward to express support for the hunger strikes initiated by lawyer Gao. Lawyer Gao could step forward bravely while under the CCP's high-handed rule, speak out from a sense of justice for Falun Gong, which is being persecuted, and safeguard the rights of disadvantaged groups. Under long-term surveillance and follow up by the CCP agents, harassment and threats and even attempted murder, he could firmly adhere to his sense of morality and conscience and would not compromise to the CCP. Lawyer Gao's behaviour deserves our admiration. In the face of the persecution, we can not keep silent. Lawyer Gao is not alone. All those Chinese people who still have a conscience will stand by Lawyer Gao. The kindhearted people in the whole world will all express support for Lawyer Gao."

The whole activity began at noon and ended at 6 o'clock in the evening. Thousands of leaflets about the truth of the repression and the fight to end the persecution were distributed and more than three hundred signatures were collected.

Talking to passers-by Practitioner on a hunger strike, protesting against the CCP's savage act
Passers-by read the information boards carefully Signing a petition to show support for the human rights movement and hunger strike

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