How Chinese Communist Party Uses Chinese New Year to Escalate It's Propaganda

The five-thousand-year culture of China is particularly attractive to foreigners. Their kindness and friendship toward the Chinese people have frequently been abused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP sends performance groups to host series of cultural exchange activities for the purpose of brainwashing people in the world with its own values. It has found cultural exchange activities are effective ways of brainwashing people and make them confuse the authentic Chinese traditional culture with the CCP culture. Such cultural activities laud the Chinese communist dictatorship and create false images of the "peaceful rise" of China.

"The Same Song" performance show recently in Canada and the United States was an example of the CCP exporting its party culture. According to columnist Ling Feng, "The Same Song" was selected into a book "The 20th Century Selected Chinese Songs in the Past 100 Years." The book gave the theme song of the show, "The Same Song," the following introduction: "Composed in 1990, it was broadcast before the live broadcast of the 11th Asian Sports Games opening ceremony on China Central Television. The lyrics use poetic language to express people's longing for peace and friendship. They express the sincere wish of Chinese to live peacefully together with people in other countries."

Ling Feng made a very good point when he asked what 1990 was like in Mainland China. It was shortly after the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre. The blood stains on Tiananmen Square had not completely washed away yet. Many western countries placed sanctions against Mainland China Some called for boycott of the Asian Games in Beijing. "The Same Song" was written to paint a peaceful picture and deceive the Chinese people and people in [the rest of] the world. It is a typical song for the CCP's "Unifying Campaign." Two sentences of the lyrics were "Flowers told me how you spent the years" and "Nobody misses sweet dreams." Not to mention the family members of those students who were slaughtered, everyone, including everyday citizens of Beijing, would tell you that the previous year had been filled with blood instead of flowers; there had been nightmares instead of sweet dreams. Many years later, this song became the song used to persecute Falun Gong and mentally torture Falun Gong practitioners. The CCP uses the song to forcefully brainwash Falun Gong practitioners and forces them to sing "The Same Song" with the police. Now it has been exported overseas. The CCP wants to do the same thing overseas and coerce overseas Chinese who have enjoyed democracy and freedom to sing "The Same Song' with the Chinese dictatorship.

In addition to hosting "The Same Song" performances in Canada and the U.S., the CCP also launched a series of vaudevilles showcased as "cultural exchange activities" It will send more than 10 cultural groups and 500 artists to perform Chinese cultural programs in Australia from January 27th to April 20th of 2006. It is by far the largest Chinese cultural activity hosted by the CCP in Australia. The CCP also plans to do the "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Exhibition" to show model and big pictures of Beijing's Olympic facilities.

Due to the human rights situation in China, many western countries thought that Beijing didn't deserve to host the Olympic Games. Besides many ordinary people, human rights organisations and some U.S. congressmen were especially concerned. They said that granting Beijing the 2008 Olympic Game was equivalent to rewarding the dictatorship. The nuclear threat by Chinese General Zhu Chenghu against the U.S. last year, the incident of Chinese communist policemen shooting harmless unarmed villagers in Shanwei City, the escalating persecution of Falun Gong, among other things, have made the world re-think the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Some have even asked for taking the games away from Beijing. In response, the CCP has been hosting Chinese cultural festivals in various places in the world. The purpose is obvious. It is trying to use Chinese folk arts and "The Same Song" to confuse people and paint a rosy picture of itself. Western countries should be alerted.

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