Germany: Ministry of Justice Hopes for the Speedy Release of the Jiang Family

Mr. Jiang Renzheng, his wife and two small children were deported from Würzburg to Beijing in March 2005. Following his deportation from Germany and only four weeks after his arrival in China, Mr Renzheng Jiang was sentenced without trial to three years of forced labour for practicing Falun Gong and thereby ‘endangering public security’. He was detained in a forced labour camp in the city of Benxi. His wife was forced to go underground because she feared imminent arrest. The whole family has been disrupted and the children are often sick. Jiang has subsequently been released but is under house arrest. He has now been granted asylum in Germany.


Thank you very much for both of your letters dated January in which you talk about the situation of the Jiang family and request our continued efforts to assure their return to Germany using all possible means.

The federal government is aware of the current situation of the Jiang family. I would like to assure you that the government continues to take steps in favour of the Jiang family, tries to assure the release of Mr. Jiang and to put an end to their house arrest. For the Jiang family sake, I hope that our efforts will soon bear fruit.


Signed, Lacher

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