NTDTV Gala: "This is Real Chinese Traditional Culture"

DVD's and VCD's of the Global Chinese New Year Gala produced by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) have been spreading among people inside China.

Those who have received DVD's of the NTDTV gala have given lots of compliments to the show and have said that it is the real Chinese traditional culture. Some westerners who have had the chance to watch the DVD's are also touched. They say that Childhood, Nine Swords, Stone Lion with Red Eyes, Erhu Solo and many other acts deeply impressed them.

One of the westerners also said something interesting: "I feel that by leaving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind, the art works made by Chinese people have become very beautiful and are of high quality."

I responded, "Actually, there are many very good artists in China. However, under the CCP regime all art works must serve the needs of the evil party. Thus real traditional arts have been suppressed, and Chinese artists are highly restricted with limited room to create art. Why are the paintings in the Louvre magnificent? Because people sincerely believed in god and praised god from the bottom of their hearts, and the paintings were heartfelt works of the artists of that era.

In contemporary China, everything must be in praise of the CCP. But people know in their hearts that the CCP is evil, since few people have not suffered from the Party. The CCP controls the power to force people to work for it; so can people be happy doing it? Coming neither from the hearts of artists nor speaking for the people, of course, the art works made in such circumstances are not touching. So we can put it this way: leaving the CCP's shadow, Chinese people can finally find their true selves and create genuine art works, and show the world the real meaning of Chinese culture."

They agreed.

When I gave a DVD as a present to a Chinese person who loved Chinese traditional arts, he said to me holding the DVD's in his hands, "This is a treasure."

I smiled in my heart and told him, "You are right, this is a treasure."

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