Sweden: The People of Malmo Support the Eight Million Withdrawals from the CCP

On Saturday February 18th there was an exhibition depicting the history of the CCP and the content of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, an editorial by the Epoch Times newspaper. The people of Malmö signed their names in support of the eight million Chinese people who have quit the CCP. There were many people from different countries that were interested to get information, talk with us and give their support. They were from countries including Sweden, Denmark, USA, Iran, Iraq, Bulgaria, Romania, Lebanon, China, Somalia, India, Czech Republic etc.

Already when the first pictures of the exhibition were presented people stopped and read them, they also read the banner and commented on it loudly. Some people came forward to receive material, sign the petition and take the nine commentaries. The atmosphere around the exhibition was very calm, even when they were many people. Many took their time to read the material.

A man and a woman from the US and working in Denmark were very touched by the exhibition and did not know about the tyranny of the CCP and about the crimes they committed. They were thankful about the information and gave their support.

A young woman who is herself very concerned about the problems of human rights in other countries increased her understanding about the crimes of the CCP and wanted to learn more. She signed the petition and gave her support.

A businessman read the material and said that he knows about these crimes and still does not understand why and how people in Sweden still think that communism is good.

An elderly man from Bulgaria (a former communist country) said it was good to show the truth and that he understands what has happened in China. His father was taken to a concentration camp when he was young. He said in a friendly tone “you cannot understand communism if you have not lived under it yourself”.

A retired man from Romania said that he understood what was happening in China as he himself has lived under communism. He has been against communism already when he lived in Romania and he came to Sweden as a refugee because he openly criticised the regime and was in danger of his life. He could also later bring his family to Sweden.

A young woman from Lebanon wanted to explain to her friend who did not speak Swedish what the exhibition was about. After we explained to her she was thankful and said she would translate for him. Just before leaving she also said “it is very good that you do this, good luck!”

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