Russia: The Whole World Should Condemn the Crimes of Totalitarian Communist Regimes

Having suffered greatly under Communist control, the Russian people warmly welcomed a resolution passed by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) on January 25th, condemning the human rights violations committed by totalitarian communist regimes.

Before the vote by PACE, many Russian citizens risked minus thirty degree weather to deliver this pleasant news to other people and appealed for support for this resolution. After learning that the remaining Russian Communist Party members held a demonstration at the Swedish Embassy in Russia and criticised a Swedish MEP who drafted the report outlining the crimes committed by the current and former totalitarian communist regimes, some Russian people also came to the Swedish Embassy to show their support and admiration for the just action of the Swedish MEP.

At the Swedish Embassy in Russia, they held banners reading “Upholding human rights” and “The whole world needs to condemn the crimes of the totalitarian Communist regimes” and collected signatures to support the European Assembly’s resolution.

Attending the activity, a Mr Yafganni said, "We hope the European Assembly will pass the resolution condemning worldwide the crimes committed by totalitarian Communist regimes. We are very grateful for the Swedish MEP Goran Lindblad’s report on the necessity for the international communities to condemn crimes of totalitarian Communist regimes.”

Moscow resident Suluwa said, “Under the control of the Soviet Communist party in the former Soviet Union, people lived with fear. If a police car stopped at a building in the evening, all residents started to worry deeply, fearing that they would be taken away. When the police took away a person, the whole building was filled with sadness. Thus I hope that this terrible situation will never occur again. That is the reason why I am here to show my support for the report by the Swedish MEP and the resolution considered by the European Assembly.”

Middle school teacher Ms Zoya said, “I hope that worldwide we can establish a court similar to the Nuremberg court to investigate all the crimes committed by the totalitarian Communist regimes.”

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