On the Communist Party Culture's Lair Mentality

Everybody knows that people commonly love their parents and their other family members. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) saw a way to take advantage of the power and value of familial love. To solidify its rule and manipulate the people, it has spared no effort to deceive people and develop their "love" towards the CCP. After decades of brainwashing with the CCP's culture, the people's mental dependence and fondness for the CCP is like a feral child's affinity to the mother wolf, with this mentality taking root in many people's minds without their knowing.

I sighed after hearing a friend's story. He phoned his father inside China and asked him to quit the CCP, explaining his cause. The old man understood his good intentions, and that only by quitting the CCP would he remain safe when the heavens eliminate the CCP. He hesitated, however, saying, "How can I explain it to the CCP organisation if I really quit?" Although he had long since retired, he mechanically obeyed the CCP on major issues during decades of "CCP organisational life." He didn't have his own opinions and had lost his ability to think independently.

This affinity for the CCP is quite unnatural. The situation is similar to when a mother wolf steals a human child and nurses it. The Communist Party compels its members to report their thoughts and to "give your heart" to the Party; "hide nothing" from the Party; never doubt any of the propaganda produced by Party; unconditionally obey the CCP organisations and rely on the Party organisation for everything. After a while, some people don't know how to live their lives without reporting to the CCP. The CCP resorts to all means to make the Chinese people feel that they can have "everything" only by staying with the mother wolf.

To train people to become feral children, the Communist Party not only deceives them by boasting that it is "great, honourable and right," but it also forcibly brainwashes the nation with its theories, whilst simultaneously physically annihilating dissidents through violence and totalitarianism. The CCP forces people to whole heartedly believe that those who follow it will prosper and those who go against it will perish, so people will obey the CCP's rule of terror on their own initiative.

This is indeed ridiculous, because what political party in the world besides the CCP has ever shamelessly claimed to be the people's "mother"? It coerces people to sing loud praise and imprints in everyone the concept that the CCP is the "great saviour" and that it is "great, honourable and right." More insidious is the CCP's demands that "children of the Party" firmly remember to give their lives to the Party. There is a saying that even wild tigers don't eat their young! From the AB Corps to Liu Shaoqi and Peng Dehuai (both were former leaders of the CCP), the CCP has slaughtered many of its own members.

In order to play the role of the people's "mother," the CCP controls all resources with the aim of controlling all aspects of people's lives, whilst violently punishing people who disagree with its control. The CCP's organisations must stay informed and approve of one's courtship, marriage, number of children, dress code, lifestyle, speech and actions, otherwise the person is considered to have violated "Party's regulations and Party's laws." The CCP's worst offence is to deprive people of their ability to think and judge independently. If the Party calls black white, if the Party says that following "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" - the principles taught in Falun Gong to be a good person is bad, then people must follow suit and say it's bad. The CCP is consistently "false, vicious and violent;" it does not act according to normal standards for judging good and evil, and the goal of all of its actions is to fulfil the CCP's self-interest and maintain its dictatorial regime. "Children of the CCP" have to blindly follow it.

The CCP's psychological manipulation requires people to give up their own personal thinking and follow its every whim. If this were not so, people would disobey the Party and walk their own paths. This is what the Party fears the most, as it would then be unable to rule and control people's lives. In order to keep people's mindset within the ideology of the CCP's culture and keep people inside the wolf's lair, the CCP fools people by blocking information and conducting mass brainwashing. It controls people's minds, forces people to forever rely on the Party, spiritually and psychologically, and makes them feel it's best to stay inside the wolf's lair. It always demands that all Chinese people "unite around the Central CCP Committee headed by so-and-so;" "always listen to the Party" and "always follow the Party."

Some people disagree because of their rich life experiences and their handling of major setbacks. So, how can they act so blindly and not have a mind of their own? In fact, similar to feral children isolated from the rest of the world who naturally gravitate toward the wolf's lair, some people have developed a deep mental complex toward the Party under long-term deception, brainwashing, high-pressure rule and abnormal emotions. Some veteran CCP members, in particular, are strongly and emotionally dependent on the Party. They think the Party is always right and they have to always listen to the Party. They really feel that the sky would collapse without the Party, just like the feral child who is unable to live a normal life outside the wolf pack. Some people who cling to illusions think that although the CCP is corrupt, we should ask the Party to correct itself, but we cannot abandon it. They think "although the wolf's lair is not good, we can re-model it, but we cannot desert it."

The CCP has over time twisted some people's minds. Even after they are unreasonably and ruthlessly persecuted and suppressed by the CCP, they quickly embrace the Party. They feel bad when others criticise the CCP, and they jump up and defend the Party by justifying its actions. They worry and despair as though life is going to end when they hear that the CCP is disintegrating and approaching its end. They think, "What would I do without the CCP?"

No matter how many lofty ideals the Party presents to people, or how many carrots and sticks it uses, it cannot cover up its nature: an evil entity that stops at no crime. It has "fed and nurtured" many originally normal people and turned them into greedy, deceitful, jealous, violent, dishonest people who lack a conscience. This is particularly true for members of the Communist Party and the Communist Youth League, as the CCP has corrupted and twisted people's minds.

In order to continue its deception and mental manipulation, the Party embellishes the "wolf's lair" with constantly changing tricks. To truly free oneself from the CCP's psychological control, to have a mature and rational mindset and to become a person with independent thinking abilities and a rational personality, people must affirm the elimination of their mental complex toward the CCP, quit all organisations affiliated with the CCP and truly free themselves from the wolf's lair.

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