Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Gather at the Chinese Embassy to Protest against the Sujiatun Concentration Camp

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On March 16th 2006, German Falun Gong practitioners from Berlin gathered at the Chinese Embassy to protest against the recently discovery of the Sujiatun concentration camp and for the killing of Falun Gong practitioners and the removal of their organs.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Tao said, “On March 9th, I was shocked by the news that CCP set up a secret concentration camp with many doctors and an incinerator to burn bodies. Six thousand Falun Gong practitioners were secretly detained in this camp and their organs were taken and the bodies were incinerated to remove the evidence of the crime. The CCP’s evil crimes have sank lower the bottom line of human morality. This is a shame for the history of human civilisation."

Practitioners exposing the CCP’s Sujiatun Concentration Camp’s violence to the public

Practitioners practising Falun Gong exercises

Some pedestrians stopped and looked closely at the display boards, and took fliers and the special report about Sujiatun concentration camp and the killing Falun Gong practitioners and selling their organs for profit. One German gentleman who passed by regularly told a practitioner that he was touched by the spirit shown by Falun Gong practitioners who protested outside the Chinese Embassy. When he heard the news about Sujiatun he was shocked and proposed to Falun Gong practitioners that they should spread the news to all politicians who should pay attention to it. He also said that he would tell his relatives and friends about the news.

On March 18th, German practitioners will hold protests in Berlin, Nurenberg, Frankfurt and Ansbach simultaneously.

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