Labour Camp Survivor: What I Know about Chinese Communist Party Concentration Camps and Harvesting Organs from Live Human Bodies

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Although I was disgusted by recent reports about the concentration camp and crematorium in Sujiatun, Shenyang City, China I was not surprised .

I was not surprised for a reason. Six years ago, in 2000, I was held at the Sanshui Forced Labour Camp. Despite the frenzied heights of persecution at the time, the evil Party shamelessly portrayed itself as a "saviour" or "a spring that brings a rain". Quite a number of Falun Gong practitioners, fooled by the hypocrisies of the police and those who had turned against the practise, were brainwashed into believing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) really wanted the best for the people. But then from a new inmate, I heard the name of a grisly place--the Jianning Hospital.

The hospital is somewhere in Zengcheng Town, Guangdong Province, not too far from Guangzhou City. Originally a mental facility, it was turned into a place to hold homeless drifters or petty thieves. The people detained there often had no friends or relatives who would bail them out. They were usually from out of town, so their families didn't even know their whereabouts. These young men and women were perfectly fit and normal, yet they were being held in a mental hospital. While in it, they were supervised by a pack of thugs. After some time, the authorities would try to find their relatives and friends to bail them out. Each had to pay around 500-1000 yuan (approximately US$60-120) to get out. In the meantime, they had to endure bullying and blackmailing from the thugs. Those that had no one come for them would meet their doom. I reveal this because I have heard the same story from at least five different people over the years.

The thugs would tie the detainees up, and a CCP doctor would give them a shot. They called it an "insanity shot." Not long after receiving the shot, the detainee would become like a real mental patient, eyes dull and saliva running from their mouths. As if he were a zombie, he would do anything asked. At this moment, everyone knew that he was about to die. I heard a most horrifying story. The doctor, everyone knew what his name was, would harvest the detainees organs when the victim was still alive, and send them to Beijing or other places to be used in organ transplants for high ranking officials. He may also sell the organs on the black market. The hospital would pay special attention to fit young men who were around 20 years of age. These young fellows were prone to get emotional and fight with one another. Once they started a fight, they would be given an "insanity shot" and their organs would be harvested. Their organs were considered the best as they were young and fit. I heard that the doctor was well connected because he had sent out many good quality organs to high ranking officials.

At the time, Guangdong Province had the highest concentration of homeless drifters from the nation. If these job-seekers did not carry their temporary ID with them, they could be arrested and detained at any time. The cruelty and cold-bloodedness at the holding facilities are beyond anyone's imagination. Since they could commit such a ghastly crime against ordinary citizens, would they spare Falun Gong practitioners?

At the Sanshui Labour Camp, the guards hinted to me more than once that the CCP would not wait forever for the practitioners who refused to be "reformed." These practitioners would be held indefinitely, isolated from the rest. The guards said that the practitioners would die there. Judging by their tones, I felt they were not bluffing. Lu Jinhu, a thuggish officer infamous for his persecution of those who practise Falun Gong, once said, "In the future, Falun Gong practitioners will no longer be held at labour camps. The die-hard elements will be held elsewhere, apart from all other prisoners." So it looks like the Party has long been planning to build concentration camps!

I hope that practitioners and people of conscience will expose the evil and provide more information about the concentration camps to bring the atrocities to an end.

* * *

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