Australia: Practitioners Call Upon Leaders of America, Australia, and Japan to Investigate Sujiatun

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Practitioners in Sydney appealed to leaders of the USA, Australia and Japan attending a trilateral dialogue to immediately investigate the appalling and outrageous crimes committed in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. The camp has held 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners, harvests their bodily organs when they are still alive and then cremates the remains to dispose of the evidence. The protest drew attention from many media. Cameramen videotaped the protest and SBS TV made an on-site report. The protest was held March 18th, 2006.

On March 17th, a practitioner heard that there would be a trilateral dialogue the following day between visiting American Secretary of State Rice, Australian Foreign Minister Downer and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso at a navy base in Sydney. They immediately applied to the police for a permit to hold a protest and were approved. Practitioners arrived in advance at the remote base to inspect and made banners overnight.

Practitioners unfurl banners at the entrance to the navy base where the trilateral dialogue of America, Australia and Japan is to be held Cameraman especially shoots a close-up of SOS urgent rescue display board Reporter from Australian SBS TV station makes a on-site report

In early morning of March 18th, some practitioners arrived at the gate of the navy base. The security measures were rigorous, but the practitioners took the initiative to talk to on-duty police to explain the urgent situation at Sujiatun. The police and the guards at the base expressed their understanding. The originally designated place for protest the practitioners had applied was a mile away from the gate of the base, but the on-duty police allowed the practitioners to directly unfurl banners outside the gate of the base where the motorcade of three countries' leaders must pass.

When the motorcade of Condaleeza Rice arrived, the security was very tight, but the police walked to the practitioners and said friendly, "She will come right away!" He hinted the practitioners to get ready.

When the motorcade passed by, practitioners' banners were shining in the sun, the words on the banners were, "Dr. Rice, Mr. Ato and Mr. Howard: Urgent: help stop Sujiatun Concentration Camp Killing Falun Gong practitioners for live organs harvest for profit," "Condemn Sujiatun Concentration Camp secretively harvesting and selling prisoners' organs and cremating bodies to destroy the evidence of the crime!" "Protest the CCP's concentration camp secretively killing Falun Gong practitioners!"

As the trilateral dialogue was very important and there would be a press conference after the meeting, most media outlets arrived to make reports. Falun Gong was the only group protesting at the gate of the navy base. Reporters all saw the practitioners' banners while passing by the gate. Some reporters took pictures and videotaped the scene. A SBS TV station reporter made an on-site report on the practitioners' protest.

There is a tourist site near the navy base. From time to time, some people would pass by. Practitioners handed out materials, and explained to them about the Sujiatun incident. People were shocked. Some asked for materials from the practitioners that they could distribute to others. Some people expressed extreme anger at the communist evil regime.

On March 16th, the Australian Falun Dafa Association delivered letters to the three leaders, requesting an immediate investigation into Sujiatun death camp. Australian SBS TV station interviewed a Falun Dafa Association spokesperson regarding the matter.

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