Taiwan: "SOS! Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners" Signature Drive in Hsin Chu

People reading about Falun Gong and the persecution in China Many passersby sign their name to stop the CCP's barbaric atrocities

On March 26th, Taiwanese practitioners held an event called, "SOS! Rescue 6,000 Falun Gong Practitioners Who are Subjected to Organ Removal by the CCP" in downtown Hsin Chu. Upon hearing of the atrocities happening inside the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, passersby were shocked and many said that such crimes would never happen in Taiwan. They in succession signed practitioners' petition to call for end of the atrocities and to rescue practitioners detained at the camp.

A young mother said that the case was too horrendous! She said, "After seeing the case of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, who dares to go to the mainland." Her 3-year-old daughter also said, "Mom, this is horrible!"

Many students said that the case is so inhumane and brutal. One can't imagine that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can treat live people in such a brutal way. It really doesn't place any importance on human life.

One woman said that she had read related news and was shocked. She said that she didn't know that such brutal and horrendous things could happen in China and hoped that more media outlets would report on these atrocities.

After signing the practitioners' petition, some passersby said that they would tell their friends about this to further expose the evil.

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