Scotland: Introducing Falun Gong in Glenrothes

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In September 2005, a practitioner in Dundee received a phone call from the coordinator of a ladies' club based in Glenrothes, Scotland. The coordinator asked if Falun Gong could give a demonstration of the practice in spring 2006. According to her, she had first discovered Falun Gong in Prague and received a leaflet. Upon arriving back in Scotland, she contacted the nearest Falun Gong exercise site to request a demonstration.

So on Tuesday March 7th, four practitioners - two from Edinburgh and two from Dundee arrived to give the demonstration. There were between twenty-five and thirty ladies present and the evening began with a practitioner giving a short introduction to Falun Gong. Next, two of the practitioners began to demonstrate the exercises whilst another provided a commentary and explained the different movements and their meaning. Afterwards a practitioner stood up and talked about her experiences of how Falun Gong changed her life and the health benefits she received from practising it. Later on, another spoke about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Many of the ladies were shocked upon hearing that the peaceful exercises were banned in China and asked many questions as to why it was made illegal. This was a perfect opportunity to tell them about the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party and to introduce the Epoch Times' editorial Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The practitioners from Edinburgh had brought a DVD about rescuing the orphaned children of Falun Gong practitioners in China. All around the room there were looks of concern and horror and tears. When the DVD ended there was a short question and answer session conducted by one of the practitioners whilst the others gave out leaflets and other materials about Falun Gong. Another practitioner taught a group of ladies who were interested in learning the exercises.

A petition to support rescuing the orphans was also passed around to those who did not wish to learn the exercises. The evening concluded with a discussion with some of the ladies in the club.

They were deeply grateful that Falun Gong had been introduced to them.

* * *

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